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Agape's Attempts  by Agape4Gondor

Ch. 12 - On the Stairs of Moria - A Double Drabble (movie verse)

“What?” his frightened cry was drowned by the fierce screams of the Orcs as they shot arrow after arrow at the little group on the stairs. Their attention was taken by the attack; his was taken by something else, something just as dangerous. He was sure he had felt it, a slight trembling under his feet. But no one else said a word or looked beyond the attack.

There it was again! This time he was certain. Something was terribly wrong. He looked up, saw Legolas and Gandalf on the far side, and decided. He yelled Merry’s name, placed his arms around Pippin and Merry’s waists and held on tight. The distance was far and he would be lifting two Halflings. Would he be able to make it? Would it be safer to just toss one at a time? The formidable shaking of the stair, still undiscerned by the others, decided for him. He gave a great yell, pushed with all his might, and jumped the crevice. He made it, with plenty of room to spare. Arms reached out and held him as he swayed slightly to the left. But he had made it. A great grin crossed his face.

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