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Agape's Attempts  by Agape4Gondor

Ch. 51 - Dinledhwen – Two Tribbles

(for a friend)


The Elf looked over his shoulder. He knew he heard something, a tittering? It was the only description he could find for the sound he heard. Trees looked back at him with nary a hint of what they hid. But he knew they hid something. He stood perfectly still, hoping that whatever had made the noise would be tricked into repeating it. But no sound came. There should be sound! The trees, at least, should respond to his query. Nothing. His skin started to prickle. Yet, he felt no menace.

Again, the sound came, pleasant and soft. He let his defenses down. He knew who it was. And he was glad. For had not she been the scribe and historian for all of Mirkwood and the Wood Elves for as many years as he could remember? Had not she been archivist, beloved friend who showed him so many delightful tomes from his father’s library? Had not she been the one to regale him with tales of old? Ah, ‘twas good to hear her voice, raised in song. Too many times, of late, had her voice held fear. Spiders had increased their range; Orcs even, cruel, hateful creatures, had dared to set foot in his beloved forest. But now, there was joy in that voice. It did his heart good. He did his utmost to sneak up on her and knew he had succeeded when he heard her yelp of fright as he grabbed her hand from behind the bush where she was hiding.

It was, in truth, Dinledhwen, archivist and friend. He hugged her furiously, chiding her for the fright she had given him. She laughed, her wondrous laugh and they walked back towards Thranduil’s hall. He considered what he might do to ‘pay her back’ for the moment’s foreboding.

Part II

Just before the entrance, he pulled her towards him, pointed to the top of the hill and shouted, “Watch out! Spiders!”

She screamed, putting her hands over her head. He could hear her cursing the lack of a weapon.

Clutching his sides from the laughter that threatened to choke him, he chortled, “You should see your face!”

She screamed again, but at him and beat his chest with her hands, half-yelling, half-laughing. “You are impossible!”

He ducked, tried to stop her by taking hold of her arms, and pulling them towards her sides, but she was strong and fought nearly as well as he did. Suddenly, he let her go; Thranduil was walking towards them.

“Legolas. You have come back from patrol? Is all well?”

“Father!” Legolas smiled in joy, giving her a quick look as he strode forward. Both men embraced. “All is well. The patrol has returned with good news. No sign of Orcs within the perimeter of Mirkwood at this time. There were signs of a large band that must have passed a fortnight ago, but no fresh signs. Spider activity has lessened also. I was going to take Dinledhwen to the library to look up a flower that I found. Look! Is it not beautiful? There was a small field full of them. I’ve not seen their like before. Have you?”

“Yea and more have I seen in the far reaches of Lothlórien. I am surprised you found ones so far north. I did not know they could endure the cold.”

“Endure and thrive, Father, as the Elves.” He smiled. “So,” he said wistfully, turning towards Dinledhwen, “we have no need of going to the library.”

“We could,” she said shyly, “press it in one of the ancient books and display it, once it is dried?”

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