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Agape's Attempts  by Agape4Gondor

Ch. 57 - The Fellowship Set Out

On December 25th, from Rivendell set out
The nine - hearts filled with love..and hope...but also fear and doubt

The Fellowship set out

Their journey led to paths most hard, to places not enjoyed
The Fellowship did not survive, fell evil was deployed

Fell evil was deployed

In Moria, bright Gandalf fell, brought down by flame and shadow
The Hobbits cried, the elf perplexed, the evil saw it so

The evil saw it so

Lothlorien, a haven fair, moments of peace would tell
A horrid task forshadowed there in fair Galadriel's well

In Fair Galadriel's well

At Amon Hen, a moment's respite to our friends was given
But Boromir, 'mid evil's call, the Fellowship did riven

The Fellowship is riven

And now we journey on again, the Fellowship asunder
We've seen the places they now travel and sit in fear and wonder

The Fellowship asunder....

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