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Agape's Attempts  by Agape4Gondor

Ch. 69 - Plain and Simple

King Elessar
Minas Tirith

When do dreams become nightmares? In the middle of the dream, once itís upon you and youíve no way of turning back? When youíre lulled into a sense of peace at some memory and then, horror slips in?

I donít know what I can do for him, Strider. My heart breaks. I can hear him, through the walls. They ainít that thin, you know, that I should be able to hear him, but I do. Screams sometimes. Enough to make my blood run cold. Moans too, fit to tear me limb from limb.

If you might be able to stop? I know itís a long ways. Iíve been there and back again. Mightnít you think about visiting your northern friends? On the ways there, or back if itís too much trouble, mightnít you stop and visit Ė as an old friend.

Iíd not tell him you were coming or why. But Iíd make sure Bag End was ready for you. Enough food and such for you and your company. I could hide most of it over at the Gafferís. My sisterís now.

Rosie helped me write this, soís it would be easier for you to read,

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