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The Ernil i Pheriannath Takes a Bath  by Grey Wonderer

This story was not written by J.R.R. Tolkien or even anyone that actually knew Tolkien. There are some people who think I look like him but if I were you I wouldn't trust those people. In spite of the fact that Tolkien didn't write this story, his characters seem to have wandered into it at some point in the telling. I am grateful that they chose to do so because without them there really wouldn't be very many characters in this story. The hobbits, elves, men, women and the one dwarf that appear in this story are Tolkien's creations. I am not getting any money for this so DO NOT ask me for a loan! I don't have it!

As always, if you do read this, then I thank you very much. If you don't read this then you won't see this part and you'll miss out on a good 'thank you'!

Special thanks to Llinos and Marigold, the team of Beta's that made this read-able. (No, they did knot beta the prologue so any misteaks that you find in this part are not there fawlt.)

I thank Marigold for the idea for this story!
I'd also like to thank the Queen of England. (Who wouldn't?)

Now, that everyone has been properly thanked, on to the story!

GW 11/01/2007


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