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Tales from Tol Eressëa  by shirebound

Inspired by a challenge from Dreamflower:  Include these 6 words in a story of any length:  grass, sunshine, soft, pleasant, song, water

A Simple Song

“We sang ever so many of your songs along the way, Bilbo,” Frodo said, “and Gandalf did too. You can’t imagine how many people up and down Middle-earth heard them!”

He and his uncle were sitting in the sunshine on the soft grass beside one of the many fountains near their home on Tol Eressëa, the music of the falling water soothing to their ears.

“My word, how extraordinary,” Bilbo said, shaking his head in amazement. “But not the Bath Song, surely!”

Frodo grinned. “Even the Bath Song.” He shared with Bilbo only the lighter, more pleasant aspects of the Quest now, and he delighted in his uncle’s frequent smiles and laughter. “Why don’t we sing your new one? Maybe there’s an Elf or two in the vicinity who might hear it.”

Needing no urging, Bilbo started out:

“Sunshine on the Sea
brings joy to all who see.”

And Frodo continued:

"Stars that light our way
Speak “’Welcome friend, and stay!’”

As the verses went on, the hobbits’ voices blending as one, an Elf indeed was nearby, walking through a grove of ancient trees. Pausing to listen to the simple words that conveyed such happiness, Elrond bowed his head in gratitude that two of his dearest friends, for whom he had labored long towards healing and ease of spirit, had at last found peace, and a home, in the kindly West. And when he went on his way he found himself smiling, and humming softly.

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