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Ancestress  by Dreamflower


And So It Begins...

"Yes," she said, sipping her tea. "But not from the beginning, although he was far too clever to believe I was just any hobbit lass."

Frodo and Bilbo both leaned forward. Perhaps they would finally begin to learn some of the answers to their own questions.

"My watch over the first few generations of hobbits gave me to understand some of their ways; the land in which they wakened was green and cool; gentle foothills that stood between the Great River, and the Great Greenwood, to the south of the Grey Mountains. There were few Men there, and the Elves of the Greenwood had their own business to be about. The hills were perfect for them to construct their holes-- warrens which each family made their own, presided over by the family head and his wife. Some there were, who preferred their holes near the Great River; they were fishers of skill, and alone among the hobbit-folk, they learned to swim and to paddle about in boats. Another clan, slighter than the others, but with remarkably large and well-furred feet preferred the gentler and lower slopes, where they planted orchards and gardens.

And then there were the Fallohides--fair of skin, dark of hair. They claimed one of the highest of the hills, and their burrows fairly filled it. But their skills were those of hunters and gatherers; though some among them kept small gardens, or tended flocks of sheep and goats. They would go out in small groups or even alone, armed with nothing but stones and sometimes slings. And they would return, not only with game, but with the bounty of their foraging: nuts, berries, roots, greens, and most prized of all--mushrooms. The boldest among them would even venture into the Greenwood. Tūk was the boldest of them all."

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