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Ancestress  by Dreamflower


Chapter Nineteen: Time Out

Adamanta apologised and left soon after Frodo’s abrupt departure. “I am sorry that I distressed him.”

Bilbo shook his head. “I know what troubles him, though I do not know what I can say to make a difference.”

“Perhaps I may speak to him later, and set his mind at ease. Now that I have the company of other—of hobbits—once more, I do not wish to lose that again.”

After she left, Bilbo did the washing up. Frodo was no longer a tween, to need his chivvying and chiding. While he knew what questions were giving his younger cousin to think, those same questions did not disturb him in the way they disturbed Frodo. Bilbo knew he was less introspective than Frodo was.

Frodo did not emerge from his room that night, and the next morning, by mutual unspoken consent, the topic of Adamanta’s revelations was avoided. Instead, they spoke of visiting with Elrond and Celebrian in the family wing, and of taking a ramble along the shore later in the day. But neither of them believed the subject was closed.

When, a few days later, Gandalf arrived for a visit, Frodo was not home, having decided to spend his afternoon in Elrond’s library.

“Mirimë told me of Frodo’s reaction to her tale, “ said Gandalf, as the two old friends enjoyed a pipe in the back garden, where Bilbo and Frodo had first met Mirimë.

“He was very nearly rude to Adamanta.”

“You have not been here long. Frodo is healing, but his healing is not yet complete, and some things still disturb him because he understands them not.”

“I do not understand them,” said Bilbo, "and they do not disturb me!”

Gandalf chuckled. “You are a jewel among hobbits! I will have words with Frodo soon.”

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