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Ancestress  by Dreamflower


Adamanta's Children: Briar Rose

The three hobbits (for so Adamanta was) and the Ladies Galadriel and Celebrian slipped away from the table. Bilbo dropped a handful of grapes into his pocket for the filling up of corners.

Celebrian led them from the terrace into an enclosed garden. Espaliered fruit trees grew against the stone walls, and beds of herbs and roses formed patterns in the green sward.

Galadriel indicated a nearby marble bench-- there was room for all of them to be seated without discomfort, and they could see the sea. As they sat, she waved over a servant who was carrying a tray of wine goblets. Soon all were served, and Bilbo and Frodo turned to Adamanta with expectant faces.

"Tell us of your children, Mirimė," said Lady Celebrian, her tone warm and encouraging.

Adamanta took a sip of the wine, and smiled. "My firstborn was a daughter. I had no idea that the travail of giving birth would be so difficult, and swore I would never do it again. But once I held her in my arms, I knew it was worth it all. We named her Briar Rose, after Tūk's mother. Her eyes were blue, an unusual thing among the brown-eyed hobbits, her hair as dark as Tūk's own. She was a delight to us, smiling and gurgling far more often than she cried. As she grew old enough to toddle about, she followed her father everywhere she could. And he never went away even the shortest distance, without returning with some small token for her: a pretty feather, a shiny stone, sometimes a wild fruit or mushroom just for her. She learned to speak early, but she was not talkative-- she much preferred to listen, but would often ask me questions later about the things she had heard others saying."

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