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Ancestress  by Dreamflower


Chapter Fifty-three: Lunch at Adamanta's Hole

Adamanta opened the door. "Frodo, how lovely! I have yet to prepare lunch though..."

"I promise to clean them for you, Adamanta."

"You wonderful lad! I will certainly cook them if you do!"

Frodo carried his catch to the well, and drew water to clean the fish. He filleted them deftly, then he buried the remains in the garden. He carried them to the kitchen, where Adamanta took them to the large worktable in the middle of the room. Frodo sat down and Adamanta offered him a goblet of perry. "A hole-warming gift from Celebrian and Elrond," she said.

Frodo sipped his perry, watching as she expertly battered the fillets for frying, and chopped up potatoes and onions for the skillet as well. She cooked on the wide hearth. The Elves would have provided her with a stove, but she remembered cooking on a hearth in her old home in the Vale. Soon, two steaming hot plates sat before them, and they busied themselves with enjoying fresh trout and fried potatoes. A bowl of fruit and a slab of creamy white cheese provided for the filling up of corners.

"This fish is every bit as good as Sam's, I think," said Frodo.

"Thank you," said Adamanta with a chuckle. "I am flattered, for I have heard you and Bilbo discussing Samwise's cooking. I think that would be a very high standard to live up to!"

"I think you've succeeded. You are a very good cook! My mouth still waters at the thought of your mushroom stew!"

She laughed again, this time heartily. "I think you would have been shocked at my first attempts at cooking!"

Frodo cocked his head and looked at her, trying for the same expression Pippin had once used when begging for stories. "Tell me about it."

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