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Ancestress  by Dreamflower

  Chapter Sixty-four--Conversations About the Past, Part One

Time passed like a dream. Weeks, months and years blurred together, but memorable days stood out like vivid paintings in a frame. Though Gandalf continued to remind them of their birthday, they lost track of their ages, and Yule was marked only by a visit to the Tower by Frodo to look at his friends in the palantír. Bilbo never went, but Adamanta spent the day with him.

Frodo began to write more, usually poetry, and Bilbo wrote less, often sleeping entire days away. Yet when awake, he was as sharp of mind as ever, though he preferred to talk more of his memories of the past. Frodo learned much of Bilbo's youth, stories his older cousin had never shared with him before.

One day, after Frodo had spoken of the news of Pippin's family, Bilbo said, "Pippin wed a healer, didn't he?"

"Yes, Uncle Bilbo. Her name is Diamond. She was distant kin, a North-took, and was apprenticed when Pippin met her. I met her a few times--they had just begun a courtship before I left. I know they were very much in love. Cousin Berilac also was courting a young healer at the time."

Bilbo sighed. "Things were different when I was young. I recall so well my regard for a young lass who became a healer. Back then it was nearly unheard of for a healer to wed, especially the young ones, and when I learned that she was apprenticed to become a healer, my heart was broken. I don't know if she even knew of my feelings towards her, or if it would have made any difference if she had. Our lives took very different paths."

Frodo was surprised. He had often wondered why his Uncle Bilbo never wed. "Who was she?"

"Her name was Pomona."

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