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Ancestress  by Dreamflower


Chapter Sixty-nine: Conversations About the Future, Part 2

Gandalf smiled at the scene: Adamanta in her hobbit form looked quite incongruous in the company she now sat among. There on the terrace overlooking the Sea were Elrond, the Lady Celebrian and the Lady Galadriel and one Maia still clad as an Istari. She did not look in the least abashed, for she was, after all, not only a hobbit, but one of the Maiar herself. She sipped from the small goblet of wine she held, and looked up to catch Gandalf's eye. They were much alike: both of them clung to their forms out of love for their friends. Gandalf held his own goblet up in a silent toast, and she nodded and took another sip.

"Yes," said Elrond, in answer to a question from the Lady Galadriel, "it is quite evident that Bilbo will accept the Gift very soon. He worries, of course, about the grief he will cause Frodo."

"Frodo is strong," said Galadriel. "He has borne much, and he can bear this. But I fear for his loneliness after. Even on his difficult Quest he had with him always at least one of his own kind."

Adamanta looked up sharply, but before she could speak, Celebrian did so. "Do not think he will be without one of his own kind even after Bilbo departs. After all, for what other reason was Adamanta sent among us?"

Galadriel looked at Adamanta, who smiled with one eyebrow raised. "I know, Artanis, that you still think of me as Mirimё. And so I am. But I am also truly Adamanta, and I am a hobbit now. And Frodo is one of my children, however many 'greats' fall between. He will grieve, and he will be lonely for Bilbo. But he will not lack for another hobbit to comfort him.

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