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Only a Second or Two  by Larner

XVI.  Chosen Cue:  Meeting or exceeding limitations


“Never Say Never”

            “I’ll never live anywhere but in the Tooklands!” Esmeralda had once declared--before she fell in love with the son of the Master of Brandy Hall.

            “I’d never raise another person’s child.”  Then Primula and Drogo died.

            “I’m not afraid of the dark!”  Well, not until the Horncall of Buckland announced the presence of fell Big Folk assaulting the new home of her young cousin Frodo, the first indication evil had discovered the sheltered land of the Shire.

            “I’ll guard my children’s safety.”  But then to learn that Merry, Frodo, Pippin, and Sam Gamgee had together helped to save the world....

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