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Odd Tales with Questionable Outcomes  by Grey Wonderer

This is the result of a comment made by Shirebound. Just a bit of silly sheep nonsense.

Shirebound said: Your weather sounds a LOT like our weather. Maybe we need a sheep rain dance
Then I said: Maybe we do. Here are a few sheep that look like they can dance! I don't know if they will but they do look like dancing sheep to me.
Then Shirebound said: I can imagine poor Merry seeing sheep dance, but them being very casual and sheep-like when others are around... :)

And at that point I could see dancing sheep too so...


"But, but, but, they were dancing! I am not lying, Frodo, they were all lined up doing this high kick and the one in the middle was out of step a bit," Merry insisted. He was pointing over toward three fat, lazy-looking sheep who were grazing under a tree.

Frodo placed a hand on Merry's forehead to check for a fever and then sighed. "Quit going on about dancing sheep, Meriadoc. You're beginning to worry me."

"But I saw them. It was those three right over there under the big tree," Merry said pointing. The sheep still continued to graze ignoring Merry completely like sheep were want to do.

"Did you hit your head?" Frodo asked then he looked over at Pippin. "Did you see anything fall on Merry's head?"

"No, but I wasn't really watching him all the time," Pippin said absently. "I can't mind him constantly you know. I have things to do."

"I don't need to be looked after! I'm older than you are!" Merry objected loudly.

"Yes, well that may be the truth of it but I'm not the one seeing wee dancing sheep, am I?" Pippin frowned shaking his head in disgust.

"Sam!" Merry called out rushing over to Sam who was just coming up the path. "Sam, on your way here did you notice anything odd about the sheep?"

"No, I don't think so," Sam frowned. "There was this one that might have looked a bit off but I don't know much about them, Mr. Merry."

"Did any of them dance?" Merry asked in a whisper.

"Dance?" Sam looked puzzled.

"You know, move in time to music? Dance, Sam, did any of them dance?" Merry asked sounding desperate now.

"You're havin' a laugh aren't you, Mr. Merry?" Sam grinned. "You're windin' me up about them sheep aren't you?"

"I am not!"

"You ain't been hittin' the ale this early in the day have you, Mr. Merry?" Sam frowned disapprovingly.

"I am not drinking! I know what I saw and what I saw was those sheep right over there dancing! I'll grant you that the middle one isn't too good at it but the little one on the end was very good," Merry said. "That one has talent!"

"A talented sheep?" Pippin smirked.

"It's a better dancer than you are!" Merry shouted. "You dance more like that middle one. You're always a step or two off."

"Don't insult me just because you've gone barking mad," Pippin said crossly.

"I am not mad! Those sheep can dance!" Merry said turning red in the face. "I've seen them and if you stand around here long enough you'll see them dance too!"

"How long have you been here?" Pippin frowned.

"Doesn't anyone believe me?" Merry said looking over at Frodo. "I know Pippin can be a bit dense but surely you believe it, don't you, Frodo?"

"Calm down, Merry," Frodo said gently as he placed a hand on Merry's back. "You know that sheep do not dance. Now, if you don't stop this I'm sending for the healer."

"Fine! They didn't dance. Sheep don't dance. I didn't see any dancing sheep! Is that what you want to hear, Frodo?" Merry shouted. "Are you happy now?"

"I'm not at all happy," Frodo sighed. "I'm worried about you, Cousin."

Merry gritted his teeth and walked back toward the field. "I am going to sit here under this tree and watch these sheep not dancing. Just go on back to Bag End and I'll be along directly."

"Mr. Frodo should I get a healer," Sam whispered as Merry stalked off toward one of the trees near the sheep and sat down.

"No, not yet," Frodo sighed. "We'll leave him for a bit and then come back and check on him. He's probably cooked up a joke of some sort with Pippin and he thinks he can make me go out there and try to get those sheep to dance or something. No, let's wait and see for a while. We'll go back to Bag End and start elevenses. It's too early in the day for this nonsense."

Sam nodded and gave Merry, who was sitting under a tree staring out at the sheep another glance before turning to walk back to Bag End with Frodo.

"Coming, Pippin?" Frodo called but Pippin didn't answer. Frodo shrugged, he supposed that Pippin must have already left for Bag End. The lad did look forward to meal times.

As soon as everyone was out of sight the sheep looked up at Merry and then proceeded to line up and start dancing again, each one kicking out a leg as they went round in a circle.

"Fine! Now you decide to dance! Go ahead you wooly gits! Dance your little hooves off for all I care! I am not going mad," Merry said loudly.

From the far end of the field behind a tree Pippin stuffed a fist into his mouth to keep from laughing. It had taken him two full months to teach those sheep to dance but it had been worth it. Now Fredegar Bolger owed him five silver pennies. Freddy had bet him that he'd never be able to pull this off. Of course if Merry ever found out what he'd done he would be in serious trouble and yet it might just be worth that as well. Pippin reasoned that he owed Merry a prank or two for past events and this would certainly go a long way toward evening the score. If it was one thing that Tooks were very good at, it was getting even. Pippin smiled as Merry continued to shout at the sheep. The middle one was a bit out of step. Pippin would have to work on that.

GW written and posted to my live journal on 09/10/2007

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