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Once Upon a Meadow  by Grey Wonderer

Dear Fan Fiction Reader,

It is my unpleasant duty to warn you that this story contains hobbits.  I know!  I was annoyed by it too, but there is very little that I can do about it.  This story was supposed to be about the adventures of a very brave flock of sheep and their dogs, but somehow, the writer managed to slip a few hobbits into the story while we were grazing.  I could not keep silent and let you be led like lambs to the slaughter into a story that wasn't strictly about sheep.

It is my opinion, and this opinion is shared by the majority of the flock and at least one of the dogs, that the hobbits in this story tend to pull the reader's focus away from the important doings of the sheep.  While this writer has been good enough to include sheep in a number of her fictions in the past, we, the flock, were disappointed when we discovered that the hobbits were stealing our thunder yet again.  This was supposed to be our story.  The rough draft was originally entitled 'Sheep Discussions" but as the story progressed the focus changed and the next thing we knew, we were being herded to the sidelines.

It is my feeling that any story which has the word 'meadow' in its title should be about sheep.  Hobbits do not live in meadows.  They live in Smials.  If this story were called, 'Once upon a Smial' then I would not expect it to be about sheep.  I would be pleased if sheep were mentioned, but I would not expect it.

So, if you have clicked onto this story hoping for a hobbit-free tale involving sheep, then you will be disappointed. 

Worse still, these hobbits aren't even original characters!  This writer stole the concept of hobbits and the hobbits themselves from J. R. R. Tolkien.  The sheep in this story are all very original and so are the dogs. 

Read this if you must, but don't say I didn't warn you about the hobbits.  It would be baaaad form of me not to post a warning because I know how misleading the title is and as a sheep, I can appreciate the dangers of being led astray.  So, don't let this writer take you too far a'field.  Stay in your home meadow and don't wander.

May the wolves never stray into your meadow,

Lambert Woolrich XVIII



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