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Another Moment of your Time  by Larner

A most blessed Easter and ending to Pesach and season of renewal to all!  Beta by RiverOtter. 

A Hymn of Delight

I was born a child of the Shire.
I will die a child of the West.
I live as a child of Iluvatar;
in the light of stars I'll find rest.

Oh, Daddy, yet how I remember
your hand on my arm as I learned how to write,
your hands on your tools as you crafted a chest,
you dancing beside me in greatest delight.

E'er the white tree, it shades me;
green waves of the sea wash me clean.
The light of Eärendil sustains me.
My pleasure in life remains green.

But Mummy, in mem'ry I see you,
the joy in your eyes, the delight in your smile.
And who would think death would so take you,
yet your love gave me strength through my trial.

I lift up my voice at the dawning;
Ithil's light blesses my sleep.
Sparkles from water delight me;
Light of Life in me I keep.

Oh, Bilbo, to live life you taught me,
to laugh and to see and to learn!
I remember to Bag End you brought me,
and guided each step and each turn.

The songs of the Elves, how they fill me.
The songs of birds give me delight.
The song of the Sea, it inspires me,
assuring that all is aright.

Oh, my tall brother, come to me
that I might enfold you anew,
and delight in your presence unburdened;
ever your guidance was true.

Sweet flowers, they bloom by my window,
blessing my health and my joy.
Green leaves pave the way as I walk through the day,
reminding me I'm now Eru's boy.

Sweet Lady, the gift that you gave me
at last how it granted me ease.
No longer regret, does it fill me;
I know joy of life without cease.

Here there grow mallorn and kingsfoil
sweet elanor, lilies, and more;
Their scent provides feast for the senses
their colors give life to this shore.

I see the ship grow 'cross the water
as it approaches the quey.
I feel my heart quiver within me;
the dawn brings my brother to me!

My Sam, oh I can't wait to show you
each site of delight and of peace
where Life renewed once again found me.
My songs of thanksgiving shan't cease!

Sweet Eru--so soon we shall join thee
and I find I regret not a day!
Even my pain, it was
My grief has all fallen away.

To sing in the morning brings pleasure;
to dance 'neath the Sun brings delight;
to stand 'neath the Moon, how it fills me;
the light of stars leads me aright.

Oh, Sam, do my eyes tell me truly
as the Stars, they do dance and they wheel?
Come, let us dance there among them
and the blessings of life let them seal!

Oh sweet Child, how much joy thou hast brought us
how thy courage inspires, how thy pain made things true.
All those thou lovest hold thy peace in their hearts
till the Creator this world shall renew.

Go forth now; may ever Joy take thee!
Thy Light and now his shine so free.
Thy mem'ry we'll hold till the Stars fall away
and once more we're united with thee.

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