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Another Moment of your Time  by Larner

Written for the Tolkien Weekly "Six Years Later" challenge.  For Claudia and Kitty for their birthdays.  Beta by RiverOtter.

November 3, 1425 S.R.

            Merry and Sam found Pippin standing before the memorial stone in the Battle Garden, reading the inscribed names of those who had fallen there.  He looked particularly solemn.  He didn’t look around as they stopped on either side, just behind him, but said, “Six years ago this morning.  Six Tooks, a Brownly, two Chubbs….  Frodo wept for each and every one of them.”

            “And for the ruffians as well,” Sam said.  “Even grieved for that odd one as killed that Sharkey.”

            “But he grieved most for the Wizard,” Merry noted.  “Said he fell so far from how he began. ”

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