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Another Moment of your Time  by Larner

For Mews for her birthday.

A Secret Shared

            When his feet carried him one more time to the hills overlooking the Fanes on the west end of Tol Eressëa, Frodo found someone already there, a Maia clad in the fána of something more than but an Elf, and the particular shade of royal blue that denoted those who primarily served Lord Manwë.

            “Welcome, Frodo.”

            Hello, Olórin.  What brings you here?

            “Much the same as draws you, I must suppose.”

            Frodo looked westward.  My time grows ever nearer, and I find my feet itching to carry me across that bright land and beyond.  He looked upwards to his friend’s face.  Do you miss it—being in the Timeless Halls, I mean?

            Olórin smiled down at his small companion.  “I was drawn back there when I died—did I tell you?  Oh, yes—it was a Man’s body that died atop Zirak-zigil, and so I must suffer a Man’s fate.  I won’t tell you everything that I experienced then, for I don’t wish to spoil the surprise; but I remembered in that visit before I was sent back something I’d quite forgotten during my time served here and in Middle Earth.  Do you remember being told that when Glorfindel appeared so brilliantly to your eyes when you were on the verge of entering the wraith state that it was because, as one who had lived in both worlds and had been Reborn, he dwelt simultaneously both in Middle Earth and here in Aman?  Yes, his hröa might be there in Middle Earth, but a part of his fëa remains in Aman, ever able to enter the presence of the Valar.”

            Yes, I remember that.

            “Good, then perhaps it will help you understand what it was that I learned—or rather, relearned—before I was sent back as the White.”

            He leaned down to murmur into Frodo’s ear, and it was the Wizard’s whiskers that delightedly tickled it as he confided, “You see, Frodo, I learned that it was the same with me—I am both here and there, in Atto’s Presence.  I’ve never truly left it, no matter I brought myself here into Arda at its making.  And there’s something more----”

            He turned Frodo to face him, and Frodo found his eyes caught by Gandalf’s bright gaze.  “----It’s the same for you, Frodo.  Yes, you are both here and there in Atto’s embrace as you ever were and ever will be.”

            And Gandalf had the satisfaction of seeing his friend’s Light flare with delight!

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