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Another Moment of your Time  by Larner

Sparx recently posted a couple of challenges, one in which we were to see where "Pied Piper" led us, and one about reconnecting. For some reason, this vignette presented itself in response to the combined prompts. For Garnet Took for her birthday.

The Teller of Tales

            Always when Frodo arrives the smaller children flock around him, often accompanied by a smattering of older lads and lasses as well as an occasional adult. As with his infamous kinsman Bilbo, Frodo Baggins has always been gifted in the telling of tales, and, oh! such tales as he’s ever been given to telling!

            But since his return from his unexpected travels Outside his stories have tended to be quieter, less given to grand adventure and more filled with thought and consideration, tales of loss and finding, tales in which the yearning catches at your heart and about the edges of which other tales whisper, tales of which you aren’t certain you wish to hear the endings, much less the beginnings.

            But the one tale that should be told, what happened to him that changed him so while he was gone, he won’t tell, and you sense that somewhere within him his spirit still bleeds through a gap that appears to have once contained a finger….

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