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Rhyselle Goes Back to Middle-earth   by Rhyselle

A/N:  For Fiondil

#3:  Windchimes

(A true drabble - 100 words)

Elellindo carefully examined the square of glass. The waves of blue and green light danced like the sea across his face.  A school of fish that had been carefully hand-painted in gold and silver seemed to swim as he tilted the pane this way and that.  He nodded in satisfaction.

When he dropped it into the high-sided wooden box in front of him, his apprentice winced at the crash of breaking glass.

"Bring me the drill and the ribbons, child." 

Before midday, Elellindo hung the tinkling windchimes by the front door of the fisherman who had recently returned from Mandos.

A/N:  This drabble was inspired by a poem by Glenda Mitchel Palmer of the same title.

"God shattered my plateglass life,
Then he took the broken pieces
And made them into windchimes."

Elellindo is a glassmaker who was killed in the First Kinslaying, who was Reborn around the time that Glorfindel went back to Middle-earth.  Ever since he regained the memories of his former life, he's been making windchimes for each Reborn that he meets or hears about.  There may be more to his story, but this is what the Muse told me so far.

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