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The Further Adventures of Trotter  by Dreamflower

A drabble written for a request of pandemonium_213, who asked for something about my OC, Hildifons "Trotter" Took.

(The year Thorn was seven, Moriel asked me to remain in Two Rivers. He was to start school, and was not happy about it. Arador consented to my staying, and it was arranged that I would assist the schoolmaster... From Trotter, Chapter Eighteen, "As Time Goes By")



“Why do I have to go to school?” Thorn pouted.

“To learn how to read and write and do sums, and learn the lore of your people,” Trotter answered calmly.

“You never went to school! You told me that hobbits do not have schools!” Arathorn crossed his arms and glared as though he had made an irrefutable point.

“No, I didn’t. I had lessons from my older brothers.”

“You are my brother! You can teach me.”

“So I can. At the school, as I’ll be the schoolmaster’s assistant this year.”

The child’s jaw dropped. “You tricked me!”

Trotter just grinned.

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