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A Hawk and a Star  by Mirach

This story closes the cycle of my longer stories about Eärendil, although it's chronologically first in the series. My next story will be probably about Aragorn. Also, I used some theories that are not entirely canon in this story, so I will explain them here:

About Eärendil and Eönwë: It is not said that they were friends, but neither is said that they weren't. They are two indirect hints about their friendship: 1)Eönwë was the first person, who greeted Eärendil after his arrival to Valinor, and 2) they fought in the War of Wrath together. Eönwë led the forces of Valinor there, while Eärendil came flying with the eagles, and defeated the mightiest of Morgoth's dragons Ancalagon.

About wights: the word Wight is not mentioned in Silmarillion. So it's a non-canon term that me and my friend Lirulin use for these creatures (see his profile for more stories about them). The exact passage about Ungoliant in the Silmarillion is: "The Eldar knew not whence she came; but some have said that in ages long before she descended from the darkness that lies about Arda, when Melkor first looked down in envy upon the Kingdom of Manwë, and that in the beginning she was one of those that he corrupted to his service," and "A cloak of darkness she wove about them when Melkor and Ungoliant set forth; an Unlight, in which things seemed to be no more, and which eyes could not pierce, for it was void."
Our interpretation of it is, that she didn't come from the Halls of Ilúvatar, like the Ainur, but from the Void - the darkness about Arda. Her possession of the Unlight (opposing to the Flame Imperishable) is a kind of evidence for it. But everybody is free to make his own interpretation.

About Manwë and Eönwë: I like to portray their relationship like father-son. In Tolkien's earlier writings, Maiar are portrayed as the children of Valar. Manwë's son Fionwë became Eönwë, his herald, later when the idea of the Children of Valar was abandoned. But still I like the idea of them being a father and son, if not physically, then spiritually.

About Eönwë's hawk form: It's not canon either. It was inspired by a great story by TevildoCat "Envoi", and it seemed fitting to me that Manwë as a lord of eagles could turn into one, while his son/herald would be also a bird of prey.

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