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Ring-bearer  by Kara's Aunty

Disclaimer: Lord of the Rings belongs to J.R.R. Tolkien, etc. I am only borrowing his characters for this fanfiction and am making absolutely no profit whatsoever from it.



“Get out! Get out, thief! And don't you dare come back again!”

“But where is I to go, Grand-mum?” Sméagol wept, freeing himself from his cousin's grip. He threw himself at his grandmother's ankles, clinging desperately, but the old matriarch prodded him away with her stick.

“Go where you will, it's no concern of ours. You're dead to us now!”

The hateful words rang in his ears long after he had been hounded from his village.

Nobody loved him. Nobody wanted him.

But Precious loved him. Precious wanted him. And Gollum could live with that.

Even if Sméagol was dead.


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