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Ring-bearer  by Kara's Aunty

Disclaimer: Lord of the Rings belongs to J.R.R. Tolkien, etc. I am only borrowing his characters for this fanfiction and am making absolutely no profit whatsoever from them.



Samwise the Strong, Hero of the Age! Bane of Barad-dr! Gorgoroth reborn as a glorious garden at his command!

If he would but claim the Ring


Sauron's Ring was as likely to grant Sam power as Sam was to refuse mushrooms!

Slowly but surely,Sam bested his enemy. Frodo needed him. Him, not some Ring-addled halfwit who'd lost every ounce of hobbit sense!

As if he'd ever claim anything responsible for tormenting his poor master.

I'll find you, sir, vowed Sam, as Orodruin glowed ominously on the horizon, and then we'll get rid of it once and for all.


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