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The Prisoner and The Hobbit  by Dreamflower


There are very few nooks and crannies of Tolkien fan fiction that I haven't explored during the four years since I discovered the milieu.  I'd also like to think I am an expansive reader, enjoying stories from diverse genres that range from gen fic to adult-rated slash, but I have been known to quip that whilst exploring those works that focus on the denizens of the Shire, I often feel like Sauron at a hobbit picnic.

Dreamflower is one of my very favorite writers of hobbits.  I love her interpretations of the Shire folk, and her vision of Bilbo especially enchants me.  Mr. Bilbo Baggins has also captured the attention of my Dark Muse, who, like his earlier incarnation as Tevildo, is as curious as a cat.  I have often wondered what a conversation between these two monumental characters would be like. 

Knowing that Dreamflower captures Bilbo's voice so well, I cast some shiny bait her way.  I was delighted that she took it, for treading in the Pandė!verse is not an altogether comfortable exercise.  This epistolary is the result. 

~~ pandemonium_213, 28 August 2011       

I was quite flattered when pandėmonium_213 asked me if Bilbo was interested in corresponding with her Dark Muse, and the Bilbo in my head went out at once to wait for the post.  Gandalf is quite pleased with this arrangement...


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