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The Heir Apparent  by Mirkwoodmaiden

Epilogue:  Beyond the veil.

Aragorn opened his eyes and the image slowly fading as the last remnants of a dream within his mind’s eye was that of Arwen.  Her radiant, ethereal beauty had been the light of his life.  She had given his life purpose and meaning and touched his soul filling it with laughter and joy.  He truly regretted their parting, but he knew within his heart that it was time.  Eldarion had grown noble and strong and was ready to lead their people, continuing his father’s work.  He thought of her last words, “Nay, dear lord.  That choice is long over.  There is now no ship that would bear me hence.”  The words had sliced open old wounds.  She had given away so much to make her life with him and now he would leave her.  He never understood why she chose as she did, but he had been forever gratefully that she had.  He would forever carry her in his heart, but it was time to move on.  The gift had been given back.

He looked around and realised that he was sitting on a beach with his arms wrapped around his legs, hands lightly clasped together.  It was at once strange and familiar. The white sands shifted as he moved his bare feet.  He reached down with a hand and felt the fine silk sand slip between his fingers.  He cast his glance across the azure blue of the ocean reaching to the horizon and then closed his eyes feeling the gentle sunlight warm his upturned face.  Aragorn felt at peace.   After an eternity of moments, or so it seemed, Aragorn sensed rather than heard the footsteps approach.  After a lifetime spent in readiness Aragorn realised that he need not be wary on this sandy beach.  He looked up and saw a figure of a man standing with the sun behind him. 


With that one spoken word emotions slammed into Aragorn’s psyche.  “Father?”

The figure in backlight nodded.  Aragorn rose to his feet and faced the man he had last seen when he was far too young to consciously recall, although his heart already knew.  His eyes were wide and filling with tears as he faced the man he had so wanted to remember more about.  He looked upon grey eyes that were a copy of his own.  And said, “I was not afraid.”

Tears clouded Arathorn’s eyes, “And I have been waiting for you, my son.”  He opened his arms wide and Aragorn, with a lightness of spirit that he had not felt in many years, ran into the waiting arms of his father.



 Author’s notes: Arwen’s words are a direct quote from the ROTK appendices.  How  do you think this works as an epilogue?  I thought of a few other ways, but in writing the first portions I came to realize that they would work better as companion ficlets.

Thanks to all who read my story!  I loved writing it!!  Another secondary epilogue may appear, but it is finished for now!

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