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Poetic Arda  by Mirach

Shadows of Nan Elmoth

O golden cage of Gondolin,                 is covetousness a crime?

Behind the bars a bird                       felt freedom for first time

Aredhel Ar-Feiniel                                    and Eöl, elven smith

Found wonder in the woods,    between branches didn’t breathe

As she in the shade stood                  he saw her beauty bloom

Love piercing as a lance                        in the gathering gloom

Her freedom loving heart                 in shadows shimmers light

Gondolin’s grief is nigh                      nearing darkness of night

There are three ways to read this poem: the usual way in lines as a whole, and the two columns can be read separately as well. Each of them should make sense... I hope it does, at least =) It also uses alliteration - words starting with the same sound.

For B2MeM prompts:
B15: Alliterative verse (Poetic forms)
B15: Aredhel (5 books 5 characters)

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