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Poetic Arda  by Mirach

Eagles of Manw

From the thought of Manw and from the free sky
Song of soaring heavenly space far and high
Eagles were born, majestic wings and free cry
Star shining brightly

Nests in clouds and all-seeing eyes that can pierce
Shrouds of shadow, attack it with talons fierce
Eagles' song sounds, knowing no darkness and fears
Thorondor mighty

World is reshaped, cry of the eagles still sounds
Mountaintops white - Gwaihir Windlord there soars
Did not forget Manw the sorrows and tears
Middle-earth's Children

I tried to write a poem about the Great Eagles, created by J.R.R.Tolkien in a sapphic verse. (Quite difficult form for me in English)

B2MeM prompts:
O64: sapphic (poetic forms)
N32: Rare characters (Landroval) - the topic of the poem was inspired by this prompt, although I didn't manage to include him...

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