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Poetic Arda  by Mirach

Túrin Turambar

You want to be a master of your fate
And believe still that you can win this fight
But anger kills as surely as a blade
And so is dimmed for you Doriath's light
For king's judgement you did not want to wait
But fled instead - fugitive in the night

Wandering lost, you found men of the night
And joined with them, and shared their lonely fate
On Amon Rûdh you will for your friend wait
His love will guide him, make him join your fight
Then Bow and Helm will bring to these lands light
Until the bond is severed by the blade

The sword is black and cruel is its blade
When it cuts flesh in darkness of the night
What you have done, you'll see in flash of light
And understand the evil turn of fate
For it is not an enemy you fight
But Beleg's death that in your hands did wait

For other man the elven maid did wait
But love is as dangerous as a blade
That Gwindor sees, and gives up without fight
Then bridge was build, and dragon came in night
And so is sealed Nargothrond's tragic fate
In Pool of Ivrin shimmers no more light

Her eyes were shining and her step was light
But in vain would she for a savior wait
At orc-spear's tip Finduilas met her fate
While dragon's eyes, sharp like a deadly blade
Around Nienor weaved a web of night
Oblivion's mist that she could not fight

Then bravely you rose and went to the fight
For your young wife and for the waning light
But dragon's death lifted the spell of night
In rushing waters does Nienor's death wait
While blood of Túrin will drink his own blade
So fulfilled was the curse of evil fate

But in last night once more will Túrin fight
And avenge his fate, bathed in bright light
For Morgoth's doom waits in Turambar's blade

20th poem for NaPoWriMo, a sestina

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