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Poetic Arda  by Mirach

Dead Marshes

Once armies proud,
their enemies vile
Once armies proud,
now they rest in a mire

Side by side lie
noble Elf with a Man
Side by side lie
Orcs from a dark den

In dreamless sleep
Forever they'll rest
In dreamless sleep
Hosts of East, hosts of West

The waters cold
Are their murky grave
The waters cold
Above soldiers brave

Dead faces in water
Some noble and sad
Dead faces in water
And mud is their bed

Cold and pale faces,
Both evil and fair
Cold and pale faces
With weed in their hair

All foul, all rotting
Lit by corpse-lights
All foul, all rotting,
Fell barrow-wights

You should not look in
Or you'll lose your wit
You should not looks in
When the candles are lit

28th poem for NaPoWriMo. Inspired by the Teitho topic "Candles" (But written after the deadline, and it doesn't feature Aragorn or Legolas anyways...)

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