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The Lost Scrolls  by Narya

After Rosie's death, Sam pays a visit to his daughter Elanor and her husband Fastred at Undertowers. A drabble. Rated General Audiences.


As Fastred left to make tea, Sam leant forwards, wincing at the creak of his old bones.  "I brought something for you, Elanor."


He smiled, and from his pack he pulled a musty volume bound in faded scarlet.

“The Red Book of Westmarch!” Awed, Elanor ran her fingers over the cracks in the leather, breathing in its delicate papery scent – then she realised. “You’re leaving.”


She had half expected this since her mother’s death, but even so her throat tightened. She moved to his side and embraced him gently. “Tell Frodo hello from me, won’t you?” she whispered.


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