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The Lost Scrolls  by Narya

"Worm killed your Chief, poor little fellow, your nice little Boss. Didn't you, Worm? Stabbed him in his sleep, I believe. Buried him, I hope; though Worm has been very hungry lately. No, Worm is not really nice. You had better leave him to me."†- 'The Scouring of the Shire',†The Return of the King.

Rated R for disturbing material.


I took a slice from the cheek before I buried him. Just a sliver. Even worms deserve a little meat, and meat was all he was. A Hobbit. Not a man, a Hobbit. Sounds like rabbit. Lives in a hole. A creature, then. Not a man, not a man, not a man.†

(Worms live in holes too.)

He was sweet and tender for an old beast. (Would a beast sob as the knife went in? Donít think, donít think. Worms canít think. Worms do as Sharkey says.)

Sharkey...not his name. Saruman. And I was Ė

(No. Worm.†WORM.)

Cheek. Sweet.†

Not a man.

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