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"But Glorfindel rode up then on his white horse, and in the midst of his laughter the Witch-king turned to flight and passed into the shadows."

"Eärnur now rode back, but Glorfindel, looking into the gathering dark, said: "Do not pursue him! He will not return to this land. Far off yet is his doom, and not by the hand of man will he fall."

(Lord of the Rings: Appendix A)

"It seemed that Dernhelm laughed, and the clear voice was like the ring of steel. "But no living man am I! You look upon a woman. Éowyn I am, Éomund's daughter."

(Return of the King: Pelennor Fields)

She had met with the lords of Rivendell when they first arrived in Minas Tirith but she was formally introduced to them by King Elessar the day after the wedding, in the evening, when the Elves claimed for a more peaceful and relaxed setting than a grand feast.

As soon as Aragorn introduced her to Lord Elrond and his most trusted companions, Lord Glorfindel and Lord Erestor, all eyes were upon her, Elves, Men, Hobbits and Dwarves alike. The scrutiny was unnerving. For a brief moment, Éowyn's eyes briefly faltered and she focused more on the embroidery on Lord Elrond's robes than anything else. Finally, her pride set in and overpowered her senses and she rose to her full height and raised her chin proudly.

The first Elf to meet her gaze was Lord Glorfindel himself. If it were not for the ethereal quality in his being, Éowyn would have considered him a fresh lively youth among the Riders of Rohirrim. But his eyes were tinged with memories acquired through the Ages, followed by the soothing smile on his face that instantly brought her own smile to surface. But what mattered most was the emotion in his eyes; respect. He looked upon her with respect.

"So this is the slayer of the Witch-king," The Elf Lord said. His voice was deep, melodious and pleasant to hear. "Your praise has done her injustice, Estel. The lady seems more strong and noble than you described."

Glorfindel's words were not meant to belittle the King, who only laughed and apologized for his shortcomings. Glorfindel did not remove his gaze on her. She found it was easy to meet his eyes; they were soft and welcoming.

"Come, my lady. I have heard that your deeds were written in songs but I would like to hear the tale from your own tongue."

She tried to decline as politely but the Elves managed to persuade her until finally she consented. She was no storyteller; she stumbled over some words, gave thought to many others. But the Elves listened patiently and in rapt attention. They did not interrupt her, nor did they seem to lose their interest. It was only when she stopped speaking that she became aware of the silence in the hall aside from her voice.

Suddenly realizing she sat among Elves who not only witnessed battles throughout the Ages, but were likely to be older than her own ancestry and immortalized in song, Éowyn struggled to keep her composure. What was she compared to these Elves? What were her deeds, compared to their deeds? Surely they were more renowned than her.

But at length, Glorfindel stirred and said, "Hardy indeed is the people of Rohan. If this is one lady from their people, then I am sure they are a mighty people." His words were meant for everyone but the last words were for Éowyn herself. "You have defeated a mighty foe, my lady. And for that you have our everlasting respect. Your name will be mentioned in many of our songs and lore."

"I was not aware that my battle with the Witch-King would create such a stir. I merely challenged him to defend my kinsman."

Glorfindel smiled broadly at that.

"My lady, the Witch-King was a foe that we Elves had challenged long ago. None of us succeeded in defeating him. When he fled, it was I who stopped my comrades and proclaimed that he would not die by the hand of any man. And here you stand, my lady. You did what no Elf or Man could do."

When Éowyn retired for the night, Glorfindel's words still echoed in her mind.

'You did what no Elf or Man could do.'

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