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TolkienScribe's Scribblings  by TolkienScribe


The sea breeze caressed his cheek, his hair whipping behind him. It was not cold, but it was not hot either. The weather was a perfect balance between the two. The sunlight did not bother him in spite the fact he had no shelter from it here on deck. The world around him was calm and yet his heart was in turmoil.

He knew from his foresight what his daughter's choice would be. And he saw her take the same step as his foremother did, all for the love of a man. And yet he did not find it in his heart to condemn them. Aragorn was as dear to him as if he were his own son. When Aragorn declared his love for Arwen, Elrond saw in him a ghost of his brother Elros. And he knew then there was no way he could not bestow his blessings upon them.

But his sons' choice caught him by surprise. They only declared they would linger for a while in Middle-Earth. They neither said yea or nay to immortality, but Elrond felt the fact that they wanted to stay was a hint enough.

He did not expect it of them. They never forgot what happened to their mother. They grieved when she set sail. He expected them to eagerly join him. But they stayed. It was as if his heart was pierced and he was frozen in shock. But after a moment he composed himself and agreed quietly that staying was perhaps for the best. He did not miss the way they had said farewell, as if it was the last time they would meet within the circles of Arda. Elrond's thoughts went to his wife and wondered how he would tell her of their children's choice. Of how he let them go as he let his brother go.

A single tear dropped from his eye and joined the massive waters of the Sea below.

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