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Veni Vidi Vignette   by My blue rose

A/N: These were written for Back to Middle Earth Month 2016. The prompts are taken from the 2012 B2MEM bingo card AU: Who Lives and Who Dies?

Prompt B-15: Denethor never dies:

 “Ever have you been a faithful counselor, my friend. I cannot see why you now stand against me,” Denethor said, drumming his fingers against his desk.

His brother-in-law stood in the center of the Citadel study, dressed in the blue surcoat of the Swan Knights.  

“Yet what if he is indeed Isildur’s heir?” Imrahil asked.

“I will never yield to this Aragorn,” Denethor replied curtly. “Not to this usurper from the North. His claims to the throne are spurious.”

“This will mean war,” Imrahil said softly. “As in the days of the Kin-strife.”

“Then let there be war!” Denethor declared.


Prompt I-23: Finduilas of Dol Amroth never dies:

 “I must needs leave now, Father has—,” Faramir reeled as his mother slapped him, hard.

 “I will not allow my husband’s grief to kill us all!” Finduilas hissed.

 “What of Father’s orders? He holds my oath, would you have me foresworn?” Faramir asked.

“Better foresworn than dead! Denethor will not sacrifice my remaining son in a fool’s gambit!” she cried. “’Tis folly to attempt a defense of Osgiliath. Go, my son, call for the garrisons to assemble on the Rammas Echor, it was designed to withstand Mordor’s might. Do not fear the consequences, I will deal with your father.”


Prompt I-26: Denethor dies a few years after his wife:

 “I also fear I shall never again see my home,” Faramir confided.

“Why not?” asked Pippin.

 “I have committed treason in coming here to Rivendell. My brother, the Steward of Gondor, forbade my quest,” Faramir sighed, his features sad.

“My brother, Boromir, is a hard man,” he explained, seeing that the Hobbit did not understand “He became Steward when he was but three and ten years of age, after our Father died. Mother had already perished some years earlier. My brother will never forgive me for deserting him as I have.”

“I’m sorry,” Pippin said.

“As am I,” Faramir replied.


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