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My Drabbles from Tolkien Weekly  by Mirkwoodmaiden

A Drabble for "The Thrum of Tookish Bowstrings, part 1"

"Da!" Farry shouted.  "come find me!  I'm here!" But his Da just continued to walk on. Farry jogged awake.  He looked around.  He was still near the hunting hole where Ferdi was trapped. It had been a dream.  He rubbed his eyes.  They were so very dry.  He tried not to think about it. But he was so thirsty.  He dozed. It all became a blur within his mind.  Water. Ferdi rescued.  More Water.  Then came a voice,"Farry!" He opened his eyes; he was in the arms of his Da saying his name over and over. He was safe. 

A Drabble for "FirstBorn"

"Go to your room, Farry." His Da said. The boy waited for his hug and left without.  Feeling desolate Faramir fell unto his bed. "I'm sorry," tears flowing. Pippin looked at his son leaving the room, unhugged.  It cut him to the heart.  But he needed to realise the depth of his transgression. Later Pippin found himself at Farry's bedside.  He gazed at his son, noting tear tracts dried on his soft face, his heart broke a little. Sitting, Pippin watched his son breathe, touching his hand. The blue eyes peered at him, awake now.  He held his son tightly.

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