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Smoke and Mirrors  by lovethosehobbits 72 Review(s)
Lessian IsilraReviewed Chapter: 7 on 7/19/2017
This was a wonderful story. I have read every chapter many times and keep coming back to it. You give excellent details and I I think you captured the hobbits perfectly. I would love to read a Frodo & Sam hurt comfort story taking place in the shire from you. I bet it would be wonderful!

CoriandraReviewed Chapter: 40 on 10/6/2004
Another long over due review! I'm sorry, Tree, I finished reading this story quite some time ago. It was absolutely amazing from start to finish. I loved your ending. What a relief to see Frodo getting better! I found it very sad, though that he had to get that awful disease before anyone finally understood what he really needed. Of course, it made the ending that much happier when he finally recovered from it.

I have another FrodoHealer in progress which may have similar themes, just so you know. I've been working on it for a few months but I probably won't post it for a while yet because I now make a point of completing WIPs first as I tend to get writer's block badly. In this case, however, it's too my advantage. You're a tough act to follow. Great work! This is one of my all favourite stories. You should be very proud.

Author Reply: Coriandra- Such wonderful praise, I don't even know where to begin to thank you. I really felt a sense of loss when I finished this fic since it was my first and I was so involved in it. Also a year of my life was wrapped up in the writing process. It's so nice to know how well it was received and that everyone seemed to love it almost as much as I did. Thank you so very much for such wonderful reviews and comments, really. If you're interested I have a new fic 'Phantasm" that's in progress and seems to be going over well with the readers. I applaud you on your decision to finish your works in progress before starting a new fic. Nothing bothers me more than to have a really fantastic story languish. I have invested alot of time in reading a story only to find out that the author has lost interest and decided not to finish it or even completely forgotten about it, which to me is just impossible no matter how busy I get. So bravo, my dear, bravo. tree

KatieReviewed Chapter: 40 on 8/19/2004
OMG!I cant believe its...done!~cries~
I loved it *so* much! i cant wait to read your new stories to come.
You are a fantastic, wonderful, SUPERB, writer!
~*reads author's notes* your grammar wasnt THAT bad at all! lol ;)
Lots of "hobbity" love,

Katie F.
Aka: Lotrgirl1415

Author Reply: I know, I really feel like I've just sent me last child off to college or something. It tore me up and I was just a little depressed, when it ended. But I started the new fic and I feel better now. So glad you've enjoyed it. tree

Breon BriarwoodReviewed Chapter: 40 on 8/18/2004
Boy, you weren't kidding about the length! And now: *sound of trumpets* the review!
Amazing! Beautiful! I'm in awe...(But you already know that's how I feel about your story) I think his final 'affliction' is something that would be only too true for a race tied so closely to the earth. And now you have to come up with even more illnesses so you can write another. How about something simple this time? :D Looking forward to more from you!

Author Reply: I am so glad you liked the story!! Thanks so much for all your reviews. I will miss it so much, but hope to catch the next round with my new fic. I plan to upload the first chapter or two sometime next week. In the meantime, I have a fic that was started by Elwen and I've added the subsequent chapters and will be posting the first few chapters today. Thanks again, tree

EricaReviewed Chapter: 40 on 8/18/2004
....though I'm not quite sure I buy into the idea of a Tree healing Frodo...but that's certainly a clever idea.

Author Reply: you are too funny! I've always found that plants, especially ones with fragrant blossoms, were very soothing and healing. Glad you liked it tree

EricaReviewed Chapter: 40 on 8/18/2004
I loved the scene with Frodo talking to Merry when he's all better. That was so hilarious and cute. I could just picure it. It was perfect!

Author Reply: I love to write about the interactions between the characters. I, too, picture how they would speak to each other and then it's just a matter of writing it down. I am pleased you liked the humor. It needed humor with so much sickness involved, don't you think? tree

Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: 40 on 8/17/2004
The perfect ending to a wondrful story! I like long chapters though I can seldom write them myself. I enjoyed this one very much. It wrapped things up nicely and it was full of so many interesting scenes. Lots of Sam which was very good. Enjoyed it all and look forward to more of your stories.

Author Reply: This chapter took me about two months to write, and I wrote it on spiral notebooks and then would type for about four hours every week or two. I don't usually write very long chapters, and this one could have easily been split into at least threes, but I really wanted this to be the last chapter so I put it all in one. I had originally tried to make 39 my last chapter...Just imagine how long it would've been with this one added into it! I have enjoyed your reviews and hope you will read more of my stories, thanks again. tree

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 40 on 8/17/2004
Dear one, I don't think I've read a more magnificent, awe-inspiring, inspired, healing, loving end to any story, ever. I hope you're very, very proud of what you've crafted, and so selflessly given to all of us. You and I, among others, have most certainly found a home among people who understand us, and give us the same warmth and life-enhancing energy as the White Tree (and all his friends) gave Frodo in your story. Oh, and you even brought back the bird!

I know this story has been written while you've been facing challenges of your own, and I hope you're feeling as hopeful and renewed as our dear hobbit. What a wonderful journey you've taken us on. Take us as far as you wish, and as soon as you can.

*loud applause*

Author Reply: Janet- I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I read your review. Such high praise about what originally, was suppose to be such a small story and first attempt. I am so very, very pleased you liked the ending (remember I promised you a happy one) and that I have had such glowing and positive feedback for the whole fic. You, especially, have been such a profound influence on my life and we haven't even met yet. I can't thank you enough for all of your wonderful support and positive feedback, not only for my little story but for real life issues as well. I am feeling better, and so much of that has to do with being able to find a group of friends that understand and even feed the flame when it pertains to hobbits and their world. Thanks again, I can't say it enough. tree

CoriandraReviewed Chapter: 39 on 7/29/2004
"I don't suppose I shall see Sam's flowers or breathe the fresh air for quite sometime, will I Aragorn?"

Poor Frodo, that's so sad! I don't blame him for trying to escape from his room, I would have too at that point. They should take him outside and let him rest there. It's too bad he had to injure himself so badly before anyone started to understand his need for that. And how disconcerting for him to know almost a month of his life had gone by and he had no memory of it. I hope he gets some comfort soon. Goodness knows he needs it.

CoriandraReviewed Chapter: 38 on 7/20/2004
This was very touching, Frodo thinking he's still got an evil presence around him and the bird's actions reassuring him that wasn't so. I thought it was very sweet too, the way he wants to get better to make Sam happy. It shows he's making progress, finally. I'm looking forward to more.

Author Reply: Thanks so much! I always thought there would be a profound effect on the animals as well as the humans as there is in any war. Frodo is always depicted as having a special affinity with animals (at least in fanfiction) and I wanted to show that they were no longer sensing the evil that he had carried. Glad you enjoyed it!


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