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We Were Young Once ~ I  by Conquistadora 116 Review(s)
TariReviewed Chapter: 18 on 9/22/2016
This was beautifully written. I thought Thranduil would never propose. Can't wait to start book two. Hope you are reading my comments.

Author Reply: Thank you for reviewing! So glad you enjoyed it. Now you've motivated me to pick up Book III where I left off. :)

PSWReviewed Chapter: 18 on 12/31/2015
Very good! I really enjoyed this, it's not often that we get a look at things from the non-Noldor POV -- and of course the remnant of Doriatg would approach things very differently...

Thanks for writing!

ZardiReviewed Chapter: 12 on 5/10/2014
You do a really great job of making the long lives of elves seem normal. To think that several years (instead of weeks or months) pass between each of the little "incidents" between Thranduil and Lindoriel is so elvish. Of course they have the time.

Your descriptions of the accident in this chapter were chilling, vivid, and very well done. I even felt sorry for the kinslayer (though I felt more sorry for the horse) ;)

Wonderful story so far. I am really enjoying the entire family, especially Thranduil!

Reviewed Chapter: 17 on 1/17/2014
FINALLY!!!! Glad Oropher talked some sense into his son!

Reviewed Chapter: 10 on 1/16/2014
Valar Thranduil....just kiss her already!!!!

Red Squirrel Reviewed Chapter: 18 on 4/16/2013
Well, it took me 3 days to complete this absolutely wonderful story! The descriptions were colorful and the characterizations were spot on! I loved every syllable! Now on to We Were Young Once II! Can't wait!

TpxGzSPUcReviewed Chapter: 10 on 5/31/2012
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ShlainReviewed Chapter: 18 on 11/7/2009
Yay! Oh Yay! Well done, Well done! *standing ovation* (hope that was spelled right). FINALY Thranduil saw the wonder that is Lin. I'm so happy that they finaly "found" each other. And how romantic yet painful because of their long wait for each other. There were times when I just wanted to smack Thranduil but after all he has been through one can't truly blame him. I love this hypothetical background to Mirkwoods royal family. And I love how you use humor in a subtle manner instead of spoiling the story with too much of it. I can totally see this as Legolas' background. I have always been a bit confused by what they ment by Oropher and Thranduil being Sindarin princes as they were never realy princes but just nobility. I like the way you wrote this. Can't wait to read book 2. By the way, I hope Melien gets a hubby sometime soon (even if she is a bit hoity toity - poor Malach. Glad he found true love later on). I like that you set the score straight and don't make Thranduil a son of *¿@#! as so many authors tend to do. Great writing stranger! PS: I've always had a perverse wondering in my mind if elves considered it inappropriate to kiss their love interests if they were not married or atleast betrothed. Seems less wrong now that a good author writes bout it without making it guilty or dirty lol. Cheers

moonshine4488Reviewed Chapter: 9 on 8/14/2006

ponypetterReviewed Chapter: 18 on 6/23/2005
Oh, I go away for a while and you post two new chapters. Woohoo. And Thranduil is in LOVE! Awww. How far are you planning to take this? Will we follow the family to Mirkwood? I'm quite enthused about that prospect. I also love the Silvans you brought to Lindon. I think it's a nice touch, and makes Oropher look less like a Colonialist and more like he was truly invited back. ;) I always wondered what sort of circumstances would prompt the wood elves to willingly take on a foreign lord. I hope you'll grace us with your theory.

Author Reply:
Oh, certainly. ^_^ If all goes according to plan, Book II will take us through the rest of the Second Age, and Book III through the Third. BIII is where the real action is, IMO, but there's still some good stuff to keep us occupied through BII. So just hang tight, and hopefully we'll be on our way before long. ^_~

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