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Thain  by Lindelea 161 Review(s)
Eirinn LeighReviewed Chapter: 22 on 11/22/2015
The story intro suggested that 'Thain' followed Bucca and Paldine as they found themselves thrust into thain-ship. But the story itself seems to follow Pippen well over his father.

Eirinn LeighReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 11/22/2015
This doesn't seem done at all-rather left off in the middle of things on both sides of the story. Are you planning to continue at some point?

Eirinn LeighReviewed Chapter: 34 on 11/22/2015
I've never been the biggest fan of Hilly but at least by the time he makes escort he's not quite so much of a classist brat. Sheesh!

Eirinn LeighReviewed Chapter: 24 on 11/22/2015
They're going to have hell to pay from our Pip once he wraps his brain around what's just happened. Taking him from where he's dead useful and under a good rein - so to speak - and thrusting him into a place where he's superfluous and under a master who's no patience for training nor apparently any ability to read hearts and win them. Watch out Smials! You asked for it!

Eirinn LeighReviewed Chapter: 22 on 11/22/2015
That's just cruel. And bad politics. Forcing someone into leadership who doesn't want to lead may be good in fairytales but...
Though can you imagine Pippin the sheepherd following his cousins on the quest? I would love to read an AU where Pip's Da didn't become Thain.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 43 on 4/18/2015
A terrible loss to know, and how brave she was! Alas for her death and him left bereft. But at least his son thrives....

Author Reply: Yes, I couldn't bear to contemplate him losing that last piece of his beloved. As it works out, his son's survival will be important in more ways than one.

One more tournament, and then, hopefully, life will settle into more of a routine and I can have some regular writing time once more. I do want to finish this, and the other WIPs... More stories keep popping up. Farry and Ferdi Go to Gondor for one; it keeps plucking at my sleeve and is growing quite insistent.

Belated thanks!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 42 on 4/15/2014
Sounds as if the visual cortex at the back of the brain is involved here, and it should resolve itself fairly quickly once the concussion begins to heal.

Oops--Brendi had found a plastic bag and I must retrieve it before he manages to ingest some of it!

Author Reply: Yikes a plastic bag! Did you have a glorious (from his perspective) game of keep-away?

Looking forward (well, not completely) to playful times with the coming pup. We saw a 10 week old puppy yesterday, so cute (pit bull, I think) -- just a few weeks older than our pup, though since our pup is of a giant breed, she's likely larger. Since Zoe came to us fully grown, and I've never seen a puppy of her breed, I'm not really sure what to expect.

Glad to have your confirmation of my medical research! You are spot on in your analysis.


Author Reply: It was so lovely to spend the afternoon with you! I meant to post two more chapters for your birthday this year, so you'd get a Pippin-and-Frodo chapter as well, but that one remains only half written, so you have it to look forward to, I guess. The birthday present that keeps on giving...

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 42 on 4/14/2014
Blessed, blessed Frodo! On the spot, using his head, using Ferdi whom everyone seems to disregard at this point in time, to find his Pip!

And Lin, my dear, you gave me one of my favorite things: Frodo taking care of someone else! He's so careful and loving, and worried. am I. Pippin, Pippin, what have you done to yourself!

Author Reply: It's fun to see Frodo as the caretaker, rather than the one needing care. He's definitely the competent older cousin here.

Poor Pippin, it was a fair bit of rotten luck on his part. If only he'd chosen a different pony, his plan might have worked out more as he intended. *sigh* Consequences... one of Life's favorite teaching tools.

Author Reply: (not to say that he was in the right... only that he might have been a little less wrong!)

p.s. Did you get my email?

EverlightReviewed Chapter: 42 on 4/14/2014
Oh my! Pippin has really gotten himself into a good bit of trouble and poor Frodo in the middle...

Pippin is blind! What are they going to do about that? It cannot be permanent unless this is AU but I am very curious about how you are going to fix this.

I am on the edge of my seat. Update soon please.

Author Reply: Not AU I'm glad to say, but within the realm of possibility.
Thanks! The next two chapters are already written so they should go up on schedule, or sooner if I get stuck while working on one of the other WIPs in the lineup.

Garnet TookReviewed Chapter: 42 on 4/14/2014
Oh dear! I knew he was going to land himself in deep trouble but I didn't think it would be this bad. Pip's in a serious fix now and poor Frodo is totally at a loss for the best way to deal with this.

I'm wondering what the exact nature of Pippin's injuries are. The thing I first thought of with his vision would have made the loss permanant and that can't happen, so now I'm wondering just what is going on.

This one's hitting close to home for me now.

Great chapter. Please don't keep us in suspence for too long.

Author Reply: Thank you!

You're right, it can't be a permanent impairment but it is worrisome, and all Frodo can do is keep him quiet and wait for help. Will try not to keep you waiting too long. Next update will be a Bucca chapter (next week) but the Pippin chapter after that is already written and so will be an easy update.

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