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Many Happy Returns  by Grey Wonderer 10 Review(s)
DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 8 on 7/4/2004
That is just too cute! You ought to do a sequel where Gandalf actually *uses* the book for something!

Author Reply: You are awake, aren't you? A plot bunny! I just might try that at some point. Thanks.

PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/30/2004
LOL! "Spells and Magic Charms"... I guess we all need a little 'reading up' every now and then! As always, your hobbits are wonderful, and beautifully written. I loved the hub between young Pippin and Gandalf. The wizard is usually portrayed as aloof, but I am very sure that he had a soft spot in his heart for all the Little Folk. :-)

And I really enjoyed the last chapter--Lilac choking and poor Diamond with ABC apple all over her face! Great chapters! Take care!


Author Reply: Yes, even wizards need to read up from time to time. After watching Ian MMcKellen play Gandalf I can't show him as aloof somehow. I like the slightly grouchy, but sweet Gandalf. I have been rather hard on poor Diamond in this fiction haven't I? Thanks for reading, there's more coming.

PervincaReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/25/2004
Hehehehe, I wondered when you would get to this one. I loved it on your LJ and I still love it now! The look on Gandalf's face when he opened the present and read that title must have been priceless!

Poor Pippin's not having much of a good time at his 30th birthday though :P We Pippin-lovers just love doing horrible things to him, don't we?

- Pervinca

Author Reply: I'm glad you remembered and enjoyed this chapter. I hope what I am doing with this works. I have been taking the little birthday fics and putting them in here as a sort of "remember when" deal. I have a bit more to do and so I am hoping I get through it without mucking it all up! Thanks for reading it again here.

ElenarReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/23/2004
Great story. Poor Pippin, it just doesn't seem to be his day. I hope his luck with Diamond gets better.

Author Reply: It can't get much worse, can it? But at least he's through with the gift-giving and he's saved a life. That's got to help in some way or another.

hobbit_lassReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/23/2004
Again, my memory did not fail me in remembering how cute that story was but I loved the stuff you added at the beginning, esp the filling up the corners with cheese!

Great Job!


Author Reply: Cheese is a great corner-filler! I use it often for my own corners. Glad you think the frame-work is working. That was my main concern. Thanks

melilot hillReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/23/2004
I'm only reviewing chapter 7, because I already left a review for "The Wizard" in your lj ;-)

But seriously, that was great once again. Poor Pippin being tortured like that. I can imagine how he must have felt.

Author Reply: Sometimes others can really tease too much without meaning to. It was a bit like Estella thought it was, it sounded funny until she saw how it was affecting Pippin and then she began to think it might not have been such a funny idea. Thanks for the review!

TialysReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/23/2004
Pippin's reaction to his guests eating the apples was sad. Before, I'm sure he would have just laughed it off and eaten one as well, but the journey seemed to have changed him so he couldn't react like that anymore.

Gandalf attending hobbit birthday parties was such a cute idea and the book was priceless.

Poor Pippin, though. You've got to let him get his dance with Diamond before the end ^_^


Author Reply: I think Pippin was just worried about what Diamond thought of him and trying not to embarrass himself further. Don't worry, things always work out in the end, or at least they do in my stories. LOL

Hai TookReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/23/2004
Poor Pippin, his embarrassment over the apples that kept appearing on the table! How kind of Frodo to stand next to him, after all he has faced and done he gets too embarrassed to hand out his gifts! Pearl saying that it was kind of Pippin to help Lilac as she might have let her choke! Freddy saying that he was not going to get in trouble for allowing Merry out of bed, or that he would rather be run through with Merry's sword then to face his mum if he got up!

I'm sure it was a deligh for Pippin to have a wizard at his seventh birthday! The Gandalf kept glancing at Merry, wondering if the present would be safe, perfect! I wonder what Gandalf ended up doing with that book? Looking forward to more! Thank you!

Author Reply: Thank you for the wonderful reviews. I am hoping to post more tomorrow. It might be interesting to know what Gandalf did with that book. mmmmm, maybe a small plot bunny?

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/23/2004
You had me nearly perishing with curiosity. A cookbook? A book on gardening? A history of pipe-weed?

LOL, perfection, once again.

Your hobbits are certainly hobbity, and your Gandalf rings true.

Author Reply: As you might have guessed, I am rather fond of Gandalf so I thank you for the compliment. Also thank you for reading this one. Glad it is giving you a laugh or two.

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/23/2004
Pippin was right, it was the perfect gift for Gandalf!! And I love the older Pippin saving Lilac's life. After loosing all the games his whole life, and dumping water all over, it is good he got to do something impressive. Great fun!!

Author Reply: Pippin always winds up in unlikely situations but he does seem to manage to come out on top in the end. I could just see a seven-year-old Pippin wanting to buy a book on magic for a wizard. I thank you for the wonderful reviews.

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