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I Always Know You  by Baylor 2 Review(s)
periannoreReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 6/3/2022
It takes patience to write a long chapter and you were patient in spades treating us to a well developed scene were we learn how truly miserable Merry is feeling and how he confidently relies on his cousins for care and comfort.
A few well placed clues lead me to believe we will be hearing a back story explaining how Merry's and possibly Pippin's illnesses began: Yesterday it had been such a slight cold, brought on by an ill-conceived journey in the rain and frigid weather. I had ridden through worse before and been fine. But the longer I wallowed in my misery, the more I came to understand that this was not just a cold, as we had thought--and Merry lets us know the four hobbits had been up late the night before and Pippin had been involved in some foolhardy behavior with him. I look forward to learning more.
On this day Pippin is far more level-headed and mature than we often see him. This is a Pippin who knows a thing or two about illness and how to best support a sufferer. After helping Merry through his coughing, arranging pillows just right, fetching water and kissing Merry on the head, he is wise enough to know Frodo may be able to assist Merry even more so that he goes for help. As worried as he is, Pippin isn't blurting, "Is he going to die?" as he has done in other scenarios. Frodo, Merry and Sam are raising him right so, though young, he'll be an asset on a quest which will test the metal of all of its members.
Your writing about Merry's symptoms is painfully clear. We know Merry is suffering from chills and sweats, rib raking coughing and difficult breathing where every breath is very painful. You elevate his misery from a common cold to something much worse.
How could I not want to move on to the next chapter soonest. I'm astonished I made myself take time to write this review first.

Celeste Lucretia BlackReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 5/11/2021
The thing I love most about the hobbits is their affection for one another without being worried about being too "manly".


I find it funny that he keeps on calling it bad sick.

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