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Elflings   by Bodkin 7 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 8 on 10/24/2006
Elrond's grandsons indeed, and relatives of those whose racial memories are of green waves crashing down over a foundering land....

An eerie adventure.

Author Reply: Very eerie. The dream of Numenor drowning has always seemed horrific to me. As has poor Miriel's fate at the hands of her horrible cousin.

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/17/2005
You know, I think I love "Elflings" almost as much as I love your "Reflections", Bodkin...or maybe that story about Celeborn and Galadriel cavorting in the woods...or Arwen's story...or Earendil's Tale (but that one's finished *sniff*). Well, heck, they're all so good...

A plaintive Elladan is not to be borne, either. You tell him he can come and play in my pool any time he wants - they all can...(hey, I don't have a pool...don't worry, tell them I'll get one LOL)!

This little addition to the elflings' saga was a nice mix of humor and just out and out fear! I was still laughing about the guys being banished and eating liver, and Elerrina's ada being a slow learner when I reached the place where Elrin and Galenthil go missing. The description of that cave and the ledge and Elrin's injuries was great - I was scrolling down yelling for E2L to hurry up!

I'm so glad they got the youngsters out alright and we also had another look at Aewlin's gift. That pool becomes scarier by the minute - you really made it creepy as it filled up during the storm! *shivers* However, Nimloth needs to work on her bedside manner! I had to laugh when she slapped Elrin's hand and told him not to touch his head! Also loved Elrhir and the others wanting to wait for Miriwen's expertise in dealing with head wounds! Smart guys! Lovely, scary chapter (and not to worry, Bodkin, you didn't need a Watcher to make this creepy!) LOL


Author Reply: One of the fun things about Elflings is that I can write about almost anything I want without being tied to a timeline! And the elflings are my own, so they don't have any history other than what I give them.

(I'll pass on the invitation to come and play. Elladan says he rather likes a jacuzzi, if you're thinking of getting one! And Legolas just goes dreamy-eyed at the thought of moonlight and honeysuckle. And Elerrina.)

The situation could have been nasty - it's a good thing they got them out when they did - and I think they should bear in mind Sam's advice about always having some rope with them. It's clearly needed among this lot!

Aewlin is too young for her talent to be very well directed as yet. And the whole 'seeing' thing seems to be about possibilities - most of which probably don't happen. They will all probably pay a bit more attention in the future - until nothing happens and then they'll ignore it again. Nimloth doesn't strike me as the kind of kid to bother with bedside manner - perhaps she should specialise in surgery.

I'm glad it was scary! It never feels that way when I'm writing - it takes so long to write each bit that I'm yawning by the time it gets to the end of the paragraph. If only it was possible to write at the pace you can read!

I hope the absence of the killer squirrels is freeing you to write!

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/17/2005
What an exciting chapter. When the guys set out to find something that the elleths wouldn't want to do, they certainly did find it! I sure wouldn't want to be deposited on the slim shelf of a dry waterfall, Eru knows how far down, into an underground cave. Then I tend to be somewhat claustrophobic to start with. Of course, my own peculiarities made me even more tense as I read this.

The adars were remarkable calm. I suppose they've had countless years of experiencing such adventures. But still, when it's your child, everything is different. I bet it just killed Elladan to not be able to go after his own son. But he handled it well.

Those little elleth do have some extraordinary gifts. As hard as it is to admit, their male counterparts might should listen to them. I imagine Elrin will listen to Aewlin now...hopefully.

This was a really terrific chapter. I was on the edge of my seat. You set it up so well. I really enjoyed it.


Author Reply: Good point! Odd how often the things they find to do leave their female family members shaking their heads in bemusement. No, not a place I would want to be.

The adars have learned over millennia as warriors that calm is essential in the face of crisis - and the time to panic is afterwards. Elladan wanted to go - but was sensible enough to realise that Elrohir was the best person for the job.

Aewlin's gift (one I wouldn't want) is more useful in retrospect - when you can say 'oh, that's what it meant. But maybe the older ones have learned that her feelings are worth checking out before they go ahead and do whatever.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for commenting.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/17/2005

This was a exciting chapter. I liked how you kept dropping hints that there was something to fear at the dark pool. Although until the end, I thought the guys a little slow to not pay attention to Aewlin's foreboding about the place. It certainly built of the tension though.

That was very sweet when Galenthil stopped short of asking about the 'very special circumstances' which he was far too young to know.

"It will get better in time," Miriwen said symnpathethically. "Your adar is still adjusting."
"He is a slow learner, then," Elerrina pronounced.
Ha! The ladies' conversations are always so practical and revealing. Do they try to be so sensible because they must or because they think their husbands should not have to be?

I was glad to see that Elladan's leg has healed well and he is getting back in shape. We never see really handicapped elves in stories and I can understand that some, but not every war aor accident kills its vitims.

The whole discussion about what the eflings were going to be when they grow up was very interesting. It does seem that the extraordinary elf is someone who might find a purpose in helping others and not just surviving in the woods. I hope Elrohir is right about time bringing an answer for Galenthil and Elrin both.

"...melt into a puddle of grease." *snicker* I don't know why that struck me as so funny, but it did.

What a scary moment, for any parent or adult, when they could not find the boys where they should be. And the silence of the pool. *shiver* Very ominous after the mention of Aewlin's dislike of the place.

Elin's first instruct to Galenthil to stay put - that it was only a matter of time that they would be rescued - was the correct one. But, Galenthil's judgment and courage shone when that proved to not be the actual case for them. It was good to see an inkling of the path Legolas's son was on after becoming worried about his future occupation. Same with Elrin. Both are great kids. And Elrin apologizing for putting Galenthil in danger was just so endearing.

Perhaps it should not be considered remarkable how much these boys were like their dads. Especially, in the manner they joked and kidded eachother while in dire peril. They are learning from the adults after all. Hmm, maybe it is from watching their fathers living in peace and not disregarding how they came to Aman that the boys will find their future way. Not as warriors, but actual peace-keepers.

The game of 'jacks' between the girls was cute. Impatient Aewlin, tsk-tsk, she is in danger of being imperious about her ability. Though Nimloth is running close behind her as usual.

I loved the interact between invalid Elrin and his caring father. It reminded me of Elrond caring for his sons so tenderly when they were hurt. Both twins hinting at hidden depths was nicly associative to elves and nature itself. This is a lesson in hidden dangers Elrin will never forget. Not he or Galenthil even in their dreams it seems.

The closing scene with the children was very entertaining after such a tense tale. Eleniel is a gem of wisdom herself.

Great episode with lots of fright and delight. Plus the usual great writing!

Author Reply: Why would the ellyn pay attention to Aewlin? She's a girl! And not only that, she's younger than them!

Galenthil probably realised that asking would be cringe-makingly embarrassing - they're his parents! You really don't want to know!

Miriwen is sensible and practical - and loves Elladan for what he is. She is perfectly happy for him to play. I think Elerrina leans rather more on Legolas's strength - and he enjoys that. My sense of Sirithiel isn't as strongly developed. I'd better put her centre stage some time to get to know her better.

Elladan is recovering much more quickly than he thinks - he's inclined to get a bit moody about what he can't do rather than thinking about what he can. I was thinking about elves and battle injuries - there must have been elves missing limbs (as well as Maedhros). There is no way that they can have avoided injuries like that - even if cuts/broken limbs/infections/whatever cleared up because of elven healing, a lost hand/arm/leg is not going to regrow. And whereas I can see that a paralysed elf might choose to give up his life, surely lesser injuries wouldn't make them abandon their families?

Managing people is still going to be a relevant role, even without the need for a standing army and the sons of the ruling houses are likely to find themselves impressed into the family business, I would think. And I can see Galenthil in Forest Management. Elrin might perhaps follow his Uncle Elrohir into a more diplomatic role. But young elves do have plenty of time - if it takes them a dozen centuries to settle down, it's no big deal.

Elrin's probably right about their fathers' initial reaction, too. A loud, 'I wonder what's happened to . . ' followed by a peaceful sit down beside the water and a chat about old times. Although their elven spidey senses might have made them pick up on real danger more quickly.

Staying put would have been the best idea - it wouldn't have taken that long to find them, but the thunder put paid to that. And Galenthil is a sensible kid, too, like Elrin. Most of the dappiness went into Aewlin and Nimloth.

Who are, I suppose, still kids - while the others are entering the lovely phase of adolescence and having to work out their path into the adult world.

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it!

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/17/2005
I laughed along at the beginning of this at the idea of the males being banished. There is something very funny about warriors and elf lords being shooed away by their wives. And the things that are only suitable for ellyn part of the conversation was very amusing. Poor Elerrina--still fighting with the parents (Legolas showed remarkable restraint if he held his tongue at that parting comment). This would be one of the disadvantages of being an elf--long lives mean more time spent adapting to change.

But certainly poor Elrin and Galenthil! That is a nasty, tricksy little pool and it is probably a Good Thing that the little ellyth don't go near it. Elrin is such a good child, apologizing for causing trouble! That was so dear. 'Teenage' males could find trouble if they were locked in an empty cell!

I love these elfling tales!

Author Reply: Warriors, I think, often are incredibly gentle and restrained when dealing with those they protect. And Celebrian made sure that her boys knew how to treat ladies! They are still loving being family elves, too. The husbands and fathers part of their lives has been short in comparison to the rest and they are revelling in the attention.

Living FAR apart from her parents is easier on E/L, but it doesn't really help them improve their understanding of each other - but their families are linked for ever, so they have to struggle towards it. Maybe the kids will help crack it. One day.

It's a very innocuous innocent looking pool with a nasty kick to it. Elrin is a darling - very much afflicted with the sense of responsibility that often goes with being the oldest. And they didn't plot trouble - it just sought them out. As it does - you're right - there is a magnetic attraction between ellyn of that age and Trouble.

These are fun to do.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/16/2005
I was really impressed by Galanthil here. He seems to be growing up quite nicely, acting to save someone else even when he's frightened. He's going to be a heck of an adult. But I think Legolas is right to wonder what the boys will do when they grow up. Their fathers took the role of protector. How will the boys make themselves feel useful?

So what's in that pool anyway? What's Aewlin sensing?

Author Reply: Galenthil is a good kid. With a strong bond to the forest - which I think will, in the end, be the thing that gives him a purpose and something valuable to do. And he has inherited (and been trained in) many of the characteristics of his father and grandfather. The ellyth, of course, will find that they are still stuck with the traditional female roles to keep them busy in their spare time.

I think Aewlin hasn't yet got her inner eye that focused - she's too young to have to put up with much more than impressions. She sensed a threat - and a power. The threat, I reckon, turned out to be Elrin and Galenthil's danger - and the power is the underwater power of the current drawing anything that enters the apparently innocuous pool to the waterfall.

I quite fancied making it a watcher in the water type creature - but keep coming up with this being the Blessed Realm and without nasty creatures. Which is rather a of a limitation, when you want to put your characters through a bit of danger!

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/16/2005
So Elrin - nice, sensible, level-headed Elrin - has finally come a cropper. Poor lad! He was lucky that he was with Galenthil, and that Uncle Elrohir was able to rescue him - though I don't believe Legolas would have hesitated for a second if he had had to be the one to climb down into the cave. It must have been agonizing for Elladan to have to wait outside. Elflings and water really don't mix in your tales.

And what's this about Elrond and Glorfindel? And Legolas and Elerrina (I hope it's her, for his sake) and a moonlit pool? I sense two more stories here!


Author Reply: Poor Elrin! He is still sensible and level-headed - he's just a 'teenage' male - and Elladan's son! Trouble is inevitable - he doesn't seek it out, but it's bound to find him at times. It is a good thing that Galenthil avoided banging his head - and that neither of them went over that ledge.

Legolas would have gone after him without hesitation, but Elrohir was right that he was the best elf for the gig - even Elladan had to agree, if reluctantly. And elflings and water don't mix! Water looks all meek and tempting, but it has a forceful inevitability to it that is very dangerous. Whilst at the same time being slightly less likely to break them than falling off cliffs.

Elrond and Glorfindel, yes. And then there's that time with Thranduil. . . . And Legolas and Elerrina sneaking off for a romantic moment - foolishly thinking that they would be unobserved. So many stories!

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