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Elflings   by Bodkin 11 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 10 on 10/24/2006
I think one of my favorite stories so far. Poor Galenthil, so in tune with the forest and its creatures, and by being so often in unnecessary conflict with his grandfather. So glad that Legolas understands and allows him the learning he seeks, within reasonable limits.

And I so love his ability to move unseen in the forest, as well as the badger's recognition these offer him no threat, only a benevolent interest.

Author Reply: Thranduil has high expectations of the members of his family - behaviour and responsibility. He had the same expectations of Legolas, too!

Galenthil isn't the sort of child who is deliberately confrontational - and his father is prepared to let him learn what interests him. There is no need, after all, for him to dedicate his life to being a warrior.

The badger is prepared to accept the elves - they are part of the world, too, and offer him no harm.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 10 on 9/5/2005
Wow, I am really way behind now, but I finally got to sit down and read some fanfiction. I loved this chapter!

--Galenthil is too cute watching the badgers and I loved Elerrina's "you need to wash your hands.

--Legolas cracked me up. The silence, the 'how should we manage this'... ooo, that would have definitely made me squirm. And then the final touch--go speak to your daeradar. Oh cringe!

--and then Legolas's conversation with Elerrina. :-) The refinement of the responsibility lecture. LOL!

--Here's a shocker for you: I loved the conversation between Thranduil and Laerwen. Especially the part where she asks about Oropher. I can't see Thranduil accepting anyone's governance, not even his own adar's. That was great.

--And I loved seeing Galenthil, Eleniel and Legolas with the badgers. That was a sweet ending. I must say, that I agree with Galenthil today--I would love to go live in the forest right now. And the 'did you ever argue with him' interchange made me laugh out loud!

Great chapter. I'm glad I finally stopped to read. It brightened my day. :-)

Author Reply: Well - you've been busy. But now things are settling down for the long haul and you need a break. And what better than fanfiction! (And fluffy Legolas stories - hint, hint!)

Mothers are the same wherever they are - and washing hands and brushing hair are important to all of them!

Silence is a good technique for making 'em squirm. Legolas has been of the receiving end of paternal disapproval often enough to know! And an apology to Daeradar (or perhaps Daernaneth) was called for, I think.

If only children realised how much of parenting was a game - where the adults know the rules. I'm glad you liked Thranduil and Laerwen (which is still a stinky name to type) - and wouldn't Thranduil be thrown if Oropher turned up and started issuing commands!

I'm glad you enjoyed it - and I agree that being in the forest watching badgers would be a great way to spend some time. And being in the company of elves would add a certain je ne sais quoi, too.

JuleReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/30/2005
Thank you for another wonderful chapter. Everytime I go online I hope especially for story or chapter updates by you or or Daw. There are many stories I like but the 2 of you write the stories I am addicted to.

Galenthil is wonderful. As of this chapter he is my fav of the new ones. I used to be hopeful of an Elrin/Elenial match but that was back when she was a great archer. I loved her woodelf talent and spunk. When she seemed to be grtowing into an elf to admired, I was excited at the the final joining of the families.

Unfortunately she is growing into a judgemental Noldor and I no longer hope for such a match. Her brother however is wonderful and I cannot wait for his further adventures.

I cannot wait to read of the new little one. Thranduil and Laerwen will be great parents. It will be fun to watch. Hey maybe this little girl and Elanthir will unite the already families.

Thanks for writing


Author Reply: Thank you. I am so flattered I shall go and dig out something else to post!

Galenthil is a delightful ellon. Lots of good qualities. Like his adar in some ways, but rather more focused on creatures of the forest. And charming with it.

Eleniel being judgemental? I didn't mean her to seem that way! She is trying to grow up pleasing both her Wood Elf adar and her Noldor naneth - and has to make some accommodations along the way. She is still keen on archery - but she has to do the girlie stuff too - sew and learn to run households and music and basic healthcare and weaving and accounts and managing the stillroom and all those sorts of beneath the surface things that are going on all the time. And, being an elleth, she feels a bit older than Galenthil mentally just now. Perhaps she needs to be centre stage for a story!

The little one will turn up soon. I don't think Laerwen will be able to wait much longer! I think Legolas looks forward to watching Thranduil raise a little elleth.

I'm glad you enjoyed this!

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/29/2005
Galenthil is such a great kid and being raised right. Family matters are much the same for elves as they are for mortals, it seems. Growing up, older, and wiser happens, but fortunately (for most) with care and love.

Very enjoyable conversation between both sets of parents. ;) If he did it deliberately, it would be annoying, but part of her brother’s charm was that he was so totally unconscious of the effect he had on those round him. ... If he tried to push her into doing his will, she could resist him much more easily, but he never did. Ha! Even if only in private, his adar is not quiet setting the best example in this area, is he. ”You will not regret it… “ And such was his conviction that she believed that she would not. Ther naneth’s needs to consider her example too. ;)

Thranduil apparently got it right to temporarily demote Galenthil as punishment for being irresponsible. Both children are at the age they want to be more independent. But, also need to learn they are depended upon. "Just wait til you grandfather gets home!" I really liked her pointing out how they are all working together to raise the children. Though sad to think the other grandparents would say such hurtful words that Elerinna will not repeat them.

Laerwen is right about the Shadow, but there are still dangers in the forest. Their anticipation makes me nervous...

Clever Eleniel! She is a great kid too. One day, people *will* come to her for wisdom.

I really enjoyed the last part with their adar gently teaching them about family responsibilities and the rewards,imparting his expectations. These particular children just might listen and learn.

Yep, Thranduil especially can be rather badger-like sometimes.

Another lovely episode.

btw, just who is your favorite elf?

Author Reply: I don't know that I have a favourite elf. Maybe a favourite-at-that-moment elf. But, on the whole, I love 'em all! I'm also quite fond of Men (note capital - wouldn't want to sound too - erm - widespread in my habits). And dwarves. And hobbits. I think I have a sneaking desire to give them all happy lives, though.

Galenthil is a good kid - like his adar in many ways, but rather more one-track-minded - and more inclined to let Eleniel sort out some of the complications of life. And Eleniel is intelligent - and a noticing sort of child, who likes to please her adults. They have four core adults and lots of peripheral ones all of whom care for them and want to do right by them. Could get a bit oppressive at times, I should think.

And happy adults make for happy children. Legolas - and his adar - are both apt to use their charm to get their own way. But, they know it's a game - and that both sides have to be pleased with the results.

Thranduil has enough sense to leave most of the parental stuff to Legolas and Eleniel (because interference there has tremendous potential for dispute), but he's had plenty of practice in disciplining careless ellyn and can make his point when he wishes! Whether he is quite as good at managing ellyth I am not so sure!

Elerrina's parents don't see why they shouldn't express their opinion. And don't realise that their opinion is both unwelcome and likely to widen the wedge between them and their daughter.

Legolas and Elerrina are fortunate in their children, I think. But, as the old saying goes, 'the harder they work, the luckier they get'.

Thank you. And I like Thranduil being badger-like!

LiannaReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/28/2005
Legolas seems so middle-aged in this one. Yikes! Of course, as the parent of adolescents, he doesn't have much choice.

But it's good to see him with Elerrina, though. I like to think that the elf warriors from Arda could eventually adjust to Valinor and have reasonably fulfilling lives there. Legolas seems to be doing OK. And Galenthil and Eleniel are turning out to be such nice young people.

I like this series. It's interesting to see them all grow up.

Author Reply: Legolas - middle-aged! Well - I suppose there are moments when children tend to make the most frivolous parent feel ancient. But he was a warrior and a leader of elves in his former life - he knows how to do authoritative when it's needed. He doesn't have as much strain put on him as Elrohir, but there are times when his offspring need - er - direction.

The elf warriors have the advantage of plenty of time to adjust to a more peaceful life - and plenty of space, too, in which to do it. Legolas can enjoy himself with his wife and children - and yet still have plenty to do.

I'm glad you like this. But the elflings are growing up far too quickly!

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/28/2005
You have made these elflings into very distinct characters, each in their own right. I think this is the joy of OC's - you are not constrained by any form of canon or fanon - you can develop them as you wish.

I liked this look at the family, and I do feel for Elerrina and having to deal with her parents! Those unconventional middleearth elves! And horrors, she married one and she is raising a son who would rather live amongst the forests like his father. Ah, well, its good to shake them up every so often.

Legolas was wise with his children. It is good to see him happy.

Author Reply: They are growing up too quickly, though! (Every parent's plaint about their children.) They have jumped from new-born to the edge of adulthood so quickly. I should have kept them younger for longer. And it is fun to involve characters who can do what you (or they) want. Although that is also an advantage of putting canon characters in Valinor! They are not on their way to any kind of scripted meeting, but free to adapt to a new world.

Elerrina's parents are difficult. But she lives a good long way from them and doesn't have to see them very often. (Could be part of the difficulty. Maybe, next time they visit, Taryatur should be incapacitated somehow until he learns the merits of an unconventional life among the trees.)

Legolas can be firm when he needs to be - but he is understanding. And very happy!

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/28/2005
I think that's the nicest of all your Elfling stories - I loved it. The description of the night, and Galenthil watching the badgers was lovely. It seems so strange, though, to see Legolas as a stern father here - although he so clearly sympathises with his son's preoccupation.

Eleniel is growing into a delightful elleth; every parent's dream - if only Nimloth and Aewlin would learn from watching her!

The badger's thoughts at the end were a nice touch.


Author Reply: Legolas has to play the firm father at times - and he has a good example to follow! But he is generally pretty understanding, and the rules imposed are fairly reasonable. Even Galenthil agrees - he knew perfectly well why his father was irritated. I think the elves are pretty kind and tolerant on the whole - and love children - but expect self-discipline. And are prepared to work on their young to see they develop it.

Eleniel is a poppet. Very clear-sighted and well-balanced. And Nimoth and Aewlin are improving!

The image of the badger elf-watching suddenly appealed tremendously. I wonder if he thinks he's developed a pretty good understanding of their habits!

MaidenofValinorReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/28/2005
Awwww...badgers! I love your imagery.

Author Reply: Galenthil has a real thing about creatures. I'm rather wondering what will grab his attention next!

Thank you - I try to limit the imagery to keep it more effective. I can get carried away!

Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/28/2005
I really liked the way the badger knew all along that the elves were there, hah. That idea of living in an eternal extended family must be rather difficult is interesting (my idea of hell on earth I must admit) so it is nice to see some debate around it.

Author Reply: Eternal extended families. I knew the Gift of Men was called a gift for a reason. In a way, it's nice to have the family there - but it must be hard to change the dynamics as the young reach several thousand years old. Bring in the idea of rehousing those who leave the Halls of Mandos and you are getting into potentially seriously dysfunctional families.

Can you imagine Thranduil reverting to boyhood if Oropher turns up? It would be real take-cover time. And Legolas was on his own for several hundred years until Adar turned up to take control back into his hands. While Elladan and Elrohir managed in Arda without Adar. Then you have the ellyth leaving their homes to become the daughter in someone else's house, with all the settling in that that entails. It must be difficult at times. Even for elves.

The badger tolerated their presence - just as long as they didn't interfere in his family. He might take up elf-watching. He needs a hobby!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/28/2005
Sounds like Galenthil might be identifying a little with the badger cubs.

I liked the scene with him and Legolas and then the different perspective on it that we get when he leaves and Legolas and Elerrina talk about it. Now Thranduil sounds like a different kettle of fish. He's not so easily charmed and won over. But then, he has a lot on his mind. I do think it's rich that he calls himself an "indulgent" daeradar.

I liked the change to the badger's POV at the end.

Author Reply: Well, when you're a father, you have to play the father role. But Legolas does have a good understanding of what drives his son. Thranduil is too accustomed to ruling, I think. And he is a far more indulgent daeradar of Eleniel. Of course, being female (and not as one-track minded as Galenthil) she is much better at managing her daeradar.

Thranduil is definitely suffering from older father anxiety, too. And he's not good at dealing with stressful events he can't influence. But Laerwen will keep him reasonably calm.

This just didn't want to finish - and the badger just seemed to shake his head and look over the elves tolerantly. (Though he's not as grand as Legolas's mice.)

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