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Elflings   by Bodkin 11 Review(s)
NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 11 on 12/15/2005
This was lovely, Bodkin. I loved seeing through Eleniel's viewpoint.. a chance to see who she is. I love the adolescent years, when they are old enough to talk and express themsevles, but out of the mischief stage.

Thranduil managed Elerrina well... and I must say I am not of the Noldor if that is how they are! Wood elf, indeed.

But I love this reunion with Oropher. I like that he is still impatient and rushing headlong into things - his core personality has not changed. Seems he needed a little more healing in terms of old grudges and such, but perhaps some of those come at last when confronted with reality. For him to hear his son speaking of the Third Age elves who stood strong against Sauron as his friends regardless of blood.. well, it perhaps shows him what is important and why Thranduil led their people into that age.

Having Eleniel there to hug him was priceless.. that was a great ending.

Author Reply: Thank you. Eleniel hasn't featured as much as the other elflings and I wanted her to be the focus of this one. She is very calm and reasonable and sweet-natured, so she tends to take a bit of a back seat and be out-shone by Elrohir's naughty twins.

Elerrina is very fond of Thranduil, but she has been brought up to abide by convention - and, to a degree, I think she holds on to some of it as self-defence. She has made a lot of changes as part of marrying a Wood-elf, but she doesn't want to reject her family and her past. If only her parents and Legolas could get past their hostility, she might find it easier to relax, but I think she finds it very hard. And some of her expectations are so deeply engrained - that is just what you do. They can be the hardest assumptions of all to change.

I can imagine the solemn-eyed advisors suggesting to Oropher that he was rushing his return and needed to talk, while he curled his lip and rushed in - only to find that they were right.

Thranduil and Galadriel tend to squabble - but I think it's mainly for entertainment these days - and they have a long history that Oropher can't understand. Yet. But he will learn if he is to settle into the Blessed Realm.

Physical contact is so important. And only possible, at that uncomplicated level, with the very young. I'm sure Eleniel doesn't think of herself being that young, but she is happy to provide simple touch and uncomplicated love - which is probably far more healing than decades of counselling.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 11 on 10/30/2005
Ok, long weekend but I am finally back to do the review this deserves...

So I am reading along, feeling bad for Eleniel and thinking 'what a nice job Bodkin is doing of showing the differences between her Noldo mum and Woodelf dad.' And then I get to the part with Elerrina and I am smirking away because I just think it is funny as anything to see your Thranduil manage people. He does such a smooth job of leading them to where they are obliged to agree with him/do what he wants. I love that. And he does that so well with Elerrina and she is just so disgusted by it and the fact that resistance is futile.

And then this: And I will not interfere,’ Thranduil remarked. ‘I will spend some time with my granddaughter – and then her adar will have returned and he will see what is happening.’

‘And if he does not?’ his beautiful queen raised an eyebrow.

‘Well,’ Thranduil grinned engagingly, ‘then I might have to poke my nose where it has no business. But I am hoping,’ he said dotingly to his daughter, ‘that your naneth might manage to persuade your sister-in-law to give your niece the freedom to grow in her own way.’
Hehehe--poor Laerwen. He does it to her too. I love Thranduil

So at this point, I am just happy as a clam.

Then off we go, on horseback, of course--and these elves on horseback is one of my favorite mental images. I am pleased to see Hithien and again I am loving the conversation between her and Thranduil, especially: In which case,’ Thranduil grinned, ‘you would do well to remember which of us is your king.’ Hah! Love it.

I also enjoyed Eleniel's thoughts about the 'scratchiness' of growing up under the Noldor constraints and the ensuing conversation with Hithien and then between Hithien and her husband and Thranduil. I really am impressed with how well you are showing the differences between these cultures.

Then I get to the part where Eleniel notices that the trees are exicted--and of course I start worrying--Elerrina will skin even Thranduil alive if anything happens to her daughter. And Legolas might help her. And they seem so casual about it, not telling the guards and so on.

In the midst of that though, I am very proud of Eleniel's comment: Eleniel wrinkled her nose. ‘It feels dishonest,’ she said, ‘to conspire against her.’ This is a wonderful child.

And as the trees' excitement grew, so did mine. I really could not imagine what they were going to find and you had me anxious since the guard fell back and all that. When I read that it was Oropher, you could have knocked me over with a feather! Bodkin that was so wonderful and so perfectly set up and described. I absolutely love their reunion.

Is that. . ?’ she murmured through a throat so stiff with tears that she was surprised that any sound came out.

‘Oropher?’ Hithien asked. ‘I believe so.’

A recalcitrant tear escaped her control and trickled down her cheek. ‘Adar should be here,’ Eleniel said.

Hithien shook her head. ‘I think perhaps none should,’ she said.
Sorry for quoting som much and making such a bigger spoiler in the review but I can't help it--this is so perfect. I am amazed at how well you show the emotion here--it draws the reader into the feelings as well.

Equally perfect were the first words that you showed them exchange and then Eleniel's greeting. I loved it.

And it just kept on being wonderful--Thranduil's 'exclamation' and the discussion of that; Eleniel's reaction to her daeradar calling someone 'adar.' And I literally gasped at Oropher's reference to Galadriel and burst out laughing at Thranduil's comments about it--poor Oropher, he has some re-learning to do.

From It is not easy to change a lifetime’s way of thinking. to the end of that part I went from giggling to nearly crying--I hope you will let Oropher spend some time with his family, but then I do see it is not that simple as you said. He will no more sit back and be ruled than Thranduil would. That is a challenge. But this is a great discussion between them.

And I just had to laugh over Thranduil's little problem of his growing entourage--that would so happen and it would be impossible to deal with. Too funny. But every conversation in this was great--Thranduil thinks Legolas is more like his mother in character and she thinks he's more like Thranduil--and Thranduil's response to that! Hilarious.

But you are right--his great granddaughter is exactly what Oropher needs to help him settle in. ‘I think it is to do with politics,’ she said. ‘Daeradar rules – but Daernaneth just is.’ Great! Oropher couldn't help but love her. Again, the whole conversation that follows is perfect--I hope Oropher's wife returns (I know you are cringing) and I'm sure it helps Eleniel somewhat to hear her daeradar knows what it is like to grow up in two worlds.

And the ending! Bodkin, that was absolutely perfect.

This chapter was wonderful! I loved it, every word. Thank you so much!

Author Reply: Eleniel is such a reasonable elleth. She is quite right that Aewlin or Nimloth would make sure everyone understood their point - even if their parents then put their feet down - but Eleniel doesn't dislike the training necessary to an elleth of her family, she just wants to spend more time with the forest and not be expected to be well-behaved and sensible all the time and - well, she doesn't know what she wants.

Elerrina has done a pretty good job of adopting many Wood Elf ways, but the problem here is assumptions so deep that Elerrina doesn't even know she is putting pressure on her daughter to behave in certain ways. That's just what you do. She'd be horrified, really, to know that she was making Eleniel miserable. Discipline and self-control are one thing - she can't always do what she wants, but this is more than education.

Still, Thranduil is on the case - and if Laerwen can't coax understanding while she and Elerrina coo over Celumil, then Legolas will win her round.

I like elves on horseback in the forest - even if I do get stuck with wondering whether there will be enough grass - and they enjoy getting away from the routine to commune with trees!

And Eleniel is Thranduil's granddaughter (and Laerwen's) - and she is bonded to the forest in a way that no full-blooded Noldor could really understand - she knows something is going on, but also that it's not scary.

(Honest, too. Well brought up by her parents and grandparents and assorted helpers. The exact sort of elfling who needs little discipline - gentle guidance is quite enough.)

I'm glad you enjoyed the reunion. Such moments have an other-worldly detachment, even for ordinary people - how much more magical must this feel! And yet there is no way that it can be easy. The first hours, perhaps, but they have had three thousand years plus to change - and Thranduil is no longer a son and a prince, but a king who has led his people through appalling difficulties and grown and suffered and learnt in the process.

I think they would spend time - years, even - together, but I can't see it lasting for ever, any more than Galadriel would dwell with her adar. They need their independence - and will love each other much more dearly if they have to spend a few days travelling to each other's homes! And space is something they have in plenty in these new realms.

And, somehow, I just can't get away from the thought that nothing is that simple! There would be those who wanted to come and goggle - and others who hoped for some kind of advantage - and some, doubtless, who wanted to express their bitterness. And all the complications of where they will sleep and what they will eat and who will police them and entertain them.

But I sort of see Oropher as pushing himself to return perhaps before he is really quite ready, because he won't acknowledge any weakness - and this is taking it out of him. He is rehoused - but there is no-one around simply to hold him. His wife has not come back, he has no daughters, he is far too macho to spend much time hugging his son - (it'd be manly shoulder-slapping) - and he needs someone to hold him close and trust him in the way that only a child can. Eleniel is on the edge of being young enough to do that - but she is a kind and intelligent elleth and she can see that that is exactly what is needed. And she is growing up a little more - which will help her to a better understanding of herself and her family and the role she plays in it.

Thank you - I am so pleased you enjoyed this.

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 11 on 10/30/2005
Due to computer problems and a healthy dose of too much to do, I've fallen way behind in reviewing, but I wanted to at least tell you how much I enjoyed this chapter. Oropher! What a wonderful surprise. I didn't expect that at all. I love how Thranduil reacted to seeing his father. Eleniel was the perfect choice to go with Thranduil to meet his father. I love Thranduil's reasoning for bringing her: ‘Love uncomplicated by memory,’ his son told him. ‘An offer for the centuries to come.’ Just lovely.


Author Reply: Your absence has been noted - and missed. Although I'm glad Ray's Dog managed an outing. Dratted computers! And too-much-to-do! Shouldn't be allowed.

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Redheredh has been anxious to see Oropher return - and secretly, I've been putting it off a bit. Partly because I don't feel I know him very well, and partly because his arrival is bound to cause all sorts of complications, rows, tight-lipped silences and political strife. More things, too - that's just for starters. But first reunion - how can it not be euphoric. And amazed. And wondrous.

I don't know if Thranduil was entirely sure why he took Eleniel - except that she needed a break and a treat - but she was exactly what Oropher needed to help him ground himself in this new world. No complications at all - and - being an elleth - she can hold him and give him that physical connection that is only possible with partners or the young.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 11 on 10/30/2005
Oh, I can sympathize with Eleniel – I am no lady at all, either! I don’t even wear anything other than trousers. It must be difficult for her to live up to the expectations of her naneth, and I suspect her adar would understand her better in some aspects.

Thranduil was wonderful in this chapter, how he took his granddaughter with him to save her from boring babysitting and obviously to meet his adar first, too. That was wonderful written, the increasing intensive song of the trees, the reunion of Oropher and Thranduil, how Eleniel comforted Oropher ...

I truly hope you will tell us more about Oropher’s arrival and first time in the realm of his son. And of course I wonder how he will react about the friendship between Elrond and Thranduil and between Legolas and the twins, being Noldor as the Peredhil are ;-)

Author Reply: Eleniel doesn't mind learning to be a lady THAT much - but she wants the freedom of the forest as well. She is a Wood Elf and she needs to be allowed to develop that side of her personality as well. Her naneth grew up in a very different environment, and although she has fitted well into this life, some of those very deeply ingrained assumptions about behaviour and discipline and training are just followed automatically and without question. If Eleniel were more difficult, I daresay Elerrina and Legolas would have thought about what they were doing - but she is generally quite happy to comply.

Thranduil can see the growing pains - and being left behind by her twin is very painful - and did the best he could without interfering in the way L&E raise their children. I'm not sure he knew exactly why he felt impelled to go at first - but he and Eleniel were both needed, I think. Oropher needed someone to hold - and you can't go round spending hours cuddling grown elves just because you really, really need physical contact.

I think the reunion could prove quite difficult for all concerned. Oropher, lovely as he doubtless is, is also obstinate, and rather headstrong. Tact is not his middle name! I'm sure more stories will feature him - especially as I get to know him better.

I'm glad you enjoyed this - and thank you for commenting.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 11 on 10/29/2005
Thankyou!Thankyou!Thankyou!…Thank you! Oh-so-many months ago when you had Eleniel pondering over her great-grandfather, I sincerely wished for him to return to them. And now at last he has and I am bouncing in my chair! I would surely be one of the elves come out to greet him if I could. ;D I have to admit, as soon as Eleniel sensed the excitement of the trees, I became hopeful. Especially after “In the West”. And then it was so and I was so pleased!

Opening with Eleniel chafing at being the good daughter was wonderful. I sympathize with her a lot. For I started babysitting at an early age myself which took me away from playing in the woods as I would have liked. I looked for this chapter to be her turn in the spotlight. Then, you also brought back Hithien and Calion which made me smile because I have always liked them. An adventure in the forest much like Elrin’s and Galenthil’s past encounter with a certain dark pool of water was what I expected. Boy, was I surprised!

There was nothing strange or wrong about Elerrina expecting her son to take after his father and her daughter to take after her. A very reasonable thing for a very reasonable elleth to expect. I admire Elerrina to no end and I felt sorry for her having to let go. I am impressed with the way you handle the family dynamics between the generations and their traditions. A trip alone with Daeradar was such a perfect answer and yet everyone was wise enough to know it might not be the solution. Ultimately, Eleniel would still have to find her own way.

I laughed out loud at Thranduil relying on Laerwen’s capability to make miracles. I very much liked your examination of the contract between a ruler and his guards. Not surprisingly, Eleniel handles the difficult job of balancing her mother’s instruction with her mentors’ lessons. Much as Thranduil balances his instinct and wisdom. Hithien cracked me up with her enigmatic answer to Eleniel about what was awaiting them. Oh so like something Galadriel would say. Something which would make me suspect that she did not really know either but would never admit. ;)

The encounter in the glade reminded me of Elwe&Melian's meeting, standing still in a trance until the hoar caught up with the fea. Lucky for Eleniel it did not take as long and they stayed in plain sight. ;) Her thinking of her adar was very sweet. And then, what do you know, she sensibly figures someone had got to feed them because they would never think to ask. I loved her collected greeting, an elegant blend of customs. I hope Oropher's future meetings with his other kin are conducted so well.

Ha! -bleep- Maybe it must runs in the family! So even Thranduil reverts to old habits like any other adult child when his parent suddenly appears. And it was not in Khudzul either! That whole exchange was so funny! Then once again, Eleniel exercises her very sensible skills. Thranduil counseling his father was priceless. Oropher’s response was outstanding.

I, if no one else, appreciated you leaving in all the hassle of making arrangements and coping with the growing attendance. Eleniel and Oropher in the tree was wonderful. His wish to “listen properly” tickled me pink. Along with his advice to do as he says and not as he does. Fortunately, you are never as harsh as me and left open the possibility of her andaernanath returning.

Ah, and just who are “they” who warned him not to rush it? ;) I also have to ask about his pulling up his leg and wrapping his arm round his knee – that was startling because it was just like Eleniel's adar? I have seen some very nice fanart with Legolas poised just that way. After I finished the first reading, I thought that you probably had this written a while ago. All I ever had to do was be patient and you would have got him back, so sorry for all the nagging. Actually, I am very glad “Discretion” delayed things – would not have missed that for anything!

Last but not least, that last line was simply beautiful. Unconditional love. If only we all were so blessed.

Once again, Thank You! for this episode.

Now, when does Oropher meet Taryatur?

Author Reply: Now, when does Oropher meet Taryatur?

That's a cruel thought to put in someone's head! It would be an interesting meeting. Especially if, by any chance, Taryatur had been in Finarfin's army in the War of Wrath - and his hackles had been raised by the future King of Eryn Lasgalen.

I am so pleased you liked this - I felt rather guilty putting it in as an Elflings. Oropher really deserves the dignity of a story of his own, but it just wasn't happening for me!

The trees just had to be stirred up - and Thranduil has that bond with the forest that his descendants share. I think Thranduil didn't know at first - he just felt driven to ride west, but by the time they reached the part of the forest where they met Oropher, he knew what to expect. Even if no-one else did!

I hadn't really thought of Elwe and Melian - but I suppose, in a way, all these reunions would have an element of that. And the longer and more traumatic the division, the more powerful the reunion. I think Hithien was wise to leave Eleniel in sight - and Eleniel was probably getting pretty hungry herself by the time Thranduil and Oropher recovered from the shock of meeting.

The complications are intriguing - and actually made me rather dread introducing Oropher to my world. How on earth do you cope with bringing back a king who has been gone for over an age? What do you do with him? How does he deal with taking a back seat - replaced three thousand years ago by his son? How do people respond to him? It is desperately complex. And likely, I would have thought, to lead to a LOT of trouble. (Laerwen / Thranduil worked because of male / female differences, I think. She is the Lady - but she is happy to let him rule. As Eleniel put it - sort of - Daeradar rules, Daernaneth is.)

And interactions are complicated - the people agree to be ruled, but the ruler is also bound by the contract. Which involves putting up with guards and doing what you don't want to do. (Good for Eleniel to see that, too! She's not the only one who has to fit into someone else's perception of her role!)

Elerrina has made a huge transition to fit into the Wood Elves' world - and she has done pretty well. The thing with Eleniel is that she is applying standards that are so deeply ingrained that she doesn't even realise that she has expectations - and she won't realise unless someone points it out. These things are just what you do. And, on the whole, Eleniel doesn't mind too much - she knows she is her adar's daughter and her daeradar's granddaughter and that she has a duty to learn to fulfil that role. She just wants a bit more of the Wood Elf life - more outdoors, more animals, more forest - as well as having to weave and sew and keep accounts and know about food storage and wine and precedence and managing celebrations and diplomacy and music and on and on and on. Laerwen might be able to make Elerrina understand - she probably has a better chance than Thranduil, anyway!

Thranduil didn't indulge in Khuzdul curses . . . My, wouldn't Gimli have enjoyed that. It's almost to delicious a thought to waste - except Thranduil wouldn't have fallen for it. I hope the patience and understanding between son and father last until Oropher has time to adjust - because it is not going to be easy.

'They'. . . I thought I'd leave it open. Maybe Rostaro and the others have been left behind. Maybe those who serve in the Gardens of Lorien. Oropher is not likely to have been too patient, I think.

Wrapping his arm round his knee - sneakily I think I just needed a bit of business to break up the conversation, but it just seems a very natural way for a graceful elf to sit in a tree. And a good place for Eleniel, Oropher and Thranduil to get away from all the hordes of Oropher-fans.

It wasn't written all that long ago - it's been sort of in my mind, but it didn't come together until it became part of this arc. I'm grateful you kept my mind on the job!

It must have been such a blessing to encounter those to whom you needed to make no explanations or apologies - who could accept you purely for what you were now. (And I'm far too soft to want to make Oropher endure to the end of days without Mrs Oropher. Even if I do have to think of a name for her.)

Thank you for enjoying this - and tempting me to move on to other ideas.

DotReviewed Chapter: 11 on 10/29/2005

Ok, it’s late and I’ve had too much wine but I was excited about seeing him, so in the quickest review ever…:

- I started off feeling a little sorry for Eleniel and ended up proud of her and feeling bad for Oropher, who will probably find it a little more difficult than most to make his place here. His people may still love him but I can’t imagine him making a home with his family where Thranduil is very much still the head.

- Great job in showing the relationship between grandfather and granddaughter. I love how understanding – and slightly indulgent – Thranduil is but how aware he is that he’s very different as a father.

- Interesting topic about how to balance Noldo and Sindar traits. I feel bad that Eleniel feels restricted and you showed very well how much Elerrina wants to, but simply can’t, fully understand her daughter.

- The thing I like best is probably the build up to the meeting between Thranduil and Oropher. I was really curious as to what was happening! Thranduil’s restlessness and sense that something was happening was just perfect.

- The meeting itself was lovely. It even made me a little teary. The love and familiarity between them is so obvious, yet there’s a very poignant sense of Oropher being an outsider now too.

- I really feel like I’ve got to know Eleniel a little better. I love how you keep her at a central role in this chapter. And her maturity and sensitivity are wonderful to witness.

- ‘Enough of that, Adar,’ Thranduil said mildly This is where I really felt bad for Oropher. So much has changed since he went to Námo’s Halls and it will be hard for him to let go of old grievances. Plus, his son is not the one he left behind.

- ‘They said I was rushing it,’ That struck me as so right. A little sad, but spot on. I’m always so intrigued by your interpretation of everything in the Blessed Realm.

- I love the image of Eleniel is Oropher’s arms. I’m glad there are elflings for him to meet, who he can love and who can love him and who can get to know him as he is now. As Thranduil says, uncomplicated by memory. There could be interesting times ahead if he gets to meet up with Galadriel, Celeborn & co.!!

Sorry this is so rushed. I’m very bad for not reviewing this, even though I always read it, but I was so excited to see Oropher back at last. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you do with him!!

Author Reply: You put so much into your reviews that you can't possibly review everything. I'm glad this excited you enough to make you put off going to bed (and at least you get an extra hour to make up!)

Growing up - whether elf, man or any other species - is not an easy time and even a good kid like Eleniel has her trials. Thranduil knows only too well that being a grandfather is special - the hugs, but not the challenges - and realises that guiding Celumil will be a whole different kettle of fish.

I don't think Elerrina is deliberately being difficult, really. She has made big adjustments and embraced much of the Wood Elf culture - but everyone has some things that are just so deeply engrained that you don't even realise they're there. Some of her assumptions about elleth behaviour come from that very deep area - she doesn't even know until someone mentions it, that there are other ways of thinking of things. And Eleniel is a very co-operative and - as she says - sensible elleth. She doesn't fight just for the sake of it. Moreover, even Aewlin and Nimloth have to learn how to be female representatives of their line - and that involves learning to run (rather than rule) large estates and manage households.

The Oropher reunion is one I have been putting off - even though Redheredh's interest meant it was going to come! - because it is chock full of complications. How does a returned king come back to his people over 3k years after he died? Who rules? How does a son who has been in charge for over an age deal with this? How do the people react to him? What is he going to do? How soon does it become apparent that 3k years is a long time, even for elves - and that an emotional response might not be enough to heal a relationship long sundered? Things have changed - new alliances, new understandings - and things that drove politics an age ago are barely even memory. People have changed. Oropher is impetuous - it's a sort of defining characteristic - and I can imagine those whose ease the passage back to life telling him that he needed to think his way through all this. And him igoring the advice.

Eleniel - and Celumil, I think - will be key in helping him find some solidity. Galenthil, too, but less - because as a male he is less available for the emotional and physical contact that I think Oropher needs. And Eleniel might come to realise that different isn't worse - and find her own strength. She doesn't get to be centre stage much. Naughty elflings are much easier to have as the main characters!

I'm so pleased you enjoyed the build-up to the meeting - and the meeting itself. It must be so shattering to have returned to you the father you lost under such horrific circumstances. But splendid too - and emotional and almost frightening in its intensity.

And now - as you say - the problem is what to do with Oropher!

BejaiReviewed Chapter: 11 on 10/29/2005

What a great chapter. Love the eager trees, and the meeting, with its joy and pain. And Oropher, with his old grudges, and Thranduil, with his wisdom. I do hope that you write the meeting between Oropher, Galadriel, and Celeborn. They deserve one.

Wonderful, as ever.

Author Reply: Thank you. This would be such a complicated reunion - with all kinds of inferences to do with relationships and power and the emotional backlash of battle and sudden death. Resentment, too, probably. And, as you say, old grudges that are now millennia out-of-date. And combined with the reaction of thousands of others - those to whom Oropher is their king: those to whom Oropher is the war-leader responsible for the death of their husband/son/father: those to whom he is no more than a name from history. And not only he has to deal with this maelstrom; everyone around him has to cope with it in a different way. The uncomplicated love of a child is probably something Oropher needs desperately.

Oropher, Galadriel and Celeborn. True. That could be very interesting.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 11 on 10/29/2005
Oh Bodkin! This is wonderful. I read it fast because I saw it just as I was on the way out of the house and I almost couldn't believe it! I have to leave but I will be back in a few hours to leave a proper review--I just had to say right away that I absolutely loved it.

Author Reply: Thank you. Blame Redheredh for putting Oropher in my head. I feel guilty for putting him here really - and combining him with Eleniel, who is, after all, my world rather than Tolkien's. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

TJReviewed Chapter: 11 on 10/29/2005
You are a great writer! You should know that by now...
I'm delighted that you are still continuing with your stories and I hope that you'll continue for a while.

I was hoping that you will start bringing them back, particulary Oropher and Gil-galad. I would love to see the further reactions on Oropher's return, but, even more so, I would like for Ereinion to return.

Thank You very much.

Author Reply: Flatterer! I am thoroughly enjoying the writing and have no intention of stopping any time soon. It's far too much fun - and such a delightful world in which to play.

Redheredh tempted me to think about Oropher some time ago - but I admit I have been delaying - because his presence is going to add about a hundred layers of complication to all the relationships. I really don't know how Thranduil will deal with it - and don't want him ending up wishing his adar had stayed with Namo. And you want Ereinion? And then I would rather like to see Maglor meeting Elrond after x thousand years. And, perhaps, an Earendil/Maglor meeting.

Thank you for reading - and putting ideas in my head!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 11 on 10/29/2005
This was a good one, Bodkin.

‘When was he an elleth – or a twin?’ she asked. ‘Or the sensible one.’

This question about Thranduil made me laugh. My sympathies are with Eleniel. Tolkien said that male and female elves were equally capable, and Eleniel should be allowed to have some freedom, poor thing.

So, Oropher. That will put a kink in things, I'd think. Thranduil and Oropher together would make a formidable force. It almost doesn't bear thinking about. And would they clash? Surely on occasion, they'd have to.

He makes a nice contrast to what's expected of Eleniel, the "sensible" one. And what a lovely ending.

Author Reply: Should have been a question mark there. 'Male and female elves were equally capable' but my own feeling is that the females probably got stuck with the superwoman role of independent careers, childcare and looking after the household, while the males were ready to protect their families from the attack of any woolly mammoth. Oh hang on. There weren't any woolly mammoth.

Elerrina has made a huge leap in attitude and expectation with her marriage to Legolas - but she hasn't, perhaps, come quite as far as she thinks. And it's probably in the underlying assumptions that she still has a way to go. She doesn't consciously subdue Eleniel and push her into a girly role - it's just what she considers so normal she doesn't even think about it. And Eleniel is a co-operative child, (unlike Elrohir's ellyth) and she mostly accepts the restrictions - and, moreover, she does need to learn to run (rather than rule) kingdoms. Now Thranduil's noticed, he'll probably wangle rather more time in the woods for his granddaughter.

Oropher. Cat. Pigeons. Will they clash? Oh, I would think so. I can't imagine them being able to live together for long - Thranduil has been king too long to hand the reins back. (Legolas never was king - and he knew/hoped that he was standing in for his adar over the years he waited for him to arrive. At least, that's how I see him having been able to cope with his adar resuming control.)

And meeting those who have no expectations of you - nothing to straighten out - must have been bliss to those who returned. Oropher needed - needs - that.

Thank you!

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