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Elflings   by Bodkin 7 Review(s)
illereynReviewed Chapter: 12 on 7/2/2008
*giggles* So...what *did* happen the first time Galadriel and Celeborn met? And what was Oropher doing at the time?

I really liked how the elflings grow up bit by bit as the stories progress, and that there are clear traces of their parents and relatives in them, while each elfling is still very much an individual!

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 12 on 12/19/2005
‘Andaernaneth can be just as scary, though.’ Elrin raised his eyebrows. ‘And she told us to be sensible.’ Ooohooo! I thought that was funny but they had better hope that comment is never repeated in the wrong company!

The children's observations about their elders' behavior are absolutely spot on and they are positively hilarious. I tried to find the lines I wanted to single out and realized I was hightlighting the whole conversation. So suffice to say, I loved it all.

Now it will likely not surprise you that I love Oropher every bit as much as I love Thranduil and I must say I absolutely loved your portrayal of him here--he's headstrong and he admits it to himself. I love that. And I really felt for him--how lost he must feel coming back into life when everyone would seem to have a place and he does not. I wondered who's presence in the tree he would tolerate. Laerwen's! Perfect!

And then sending him off to 'play' with Galenthil--too look at raptors. I think you can guess that I loved that image.

It was a trifle embarrassing to listen to his adar’s frequently expressed doubts about the background, character and motives of Celeborn’s wife. The more embarrassing, really, because he had himself indulged in similar debate over many centuries. Perfect! Loved it!

‘I determined that I would grow up to be a great queen, when I would do whatever I wanted – and that would never, ever include the tasks that ellyn escaped.’ And this--now that is a take on Galadriel's desire to be a queen that I never thought of and that I really like. I bet some small part of here really did decide she wanted to be a queen just so that no one could tell her not to muddy her gowns or sew instead of practicing with her sword. Loved this too.

And Thranduil is going to make his adar pay for that story about the pearls! He thought the Dagorlad made him angry! That was cruel! ;-)

And I absolutely loved that Galadriel and Oropher could find common ground in an understanding of what it is like to long for a missing spouse. That was so well done, Bodkin!

‘Of course,’ Galenthil said, ‘now they have decided to behave as if they are friends, it is even worse.’ *Snort!* Very well framed. This is my favorite chapter of this story, I think! Loved it!

Author Reply: I think Galadriel would be secretly highly entertained by the statement. But she wouldn't show it! They are very observant elflings - and the whole situation is rather obvious.

Oropher's - well - not-quite-monologue almost took over here and I stuck there for a time wondering whether he ought to have his own showcase. (By the way, I've been stuck with an idea for something to do with Oropher around the time of the War of Wrath that might find itself getting some attention shortly.) Laerwen is the one person there who really understands how it feels to return to life - and probably the one person he would be prepared to listen to. What he really needs is someone - or several someones - to look after.

I even researched fish eagles! And used some of the information to describe their behaviour, so that Oropher and Galenthil could have a really fun day. Galenthil is rather one-track-minded, though. For him, it's enough to spend time in the forest with its creatures - whereas the ellyth have more long-term schemes in mind.

I think, since they have been in the Blessed Realm, the friction between Thranduil and Galadriel has become rather more of a game than true ill-feeling. Neither is prepared to back down and admit they are actually quite alike in some ways, so they continue to jab at each other - but everyone ignores it. Oropher means it - and Thranduil has found himself saying all those things he has been denying for years!

Oh yes - I can see little, golden-haired Artanis deciding she wanted to be boss of the world. And then she would make her brothers do what she told them. She probably became a bit more sophisticated about it - and she does come from quite a competitive family. Galadriel, the original feminist. Equal rights for ellyth. (Tolkien's equality doesn't seem to put females in positions of power. They might be able to do the same jobs, but the top elves are mostly male. And they appear to have Salic law when it comes to inheriting thrones.)

The 'little oyster' story just came - and I have to say I loved it. Thranduil will cringe. This must be one of the downsides to have multi-generational families! You are never allowed to forget the more embarrassing episodes in your life.

Galadriel and Oropher have quite a lot in common, really, if only they could be persuaded to look for it. And admit their weaknesses.

I'm so pleased you enjoyed this chapter. And Oropher is fighting to escape from Elflings and have his own series. Too many prima donnas!

KittyReviewed Chapter: 12 on 12/17/2005
I *loved* the insight of the elflings about their grandparents and great-grandparents! *lol* That was fun! Sometimes I wonder if it would be more frightening or amusing to watch Galadriel and Oropher together! (Out of a sure distance, of course!)

‘So you brought him to my lady?’ Celeborn raised a cynical eyebrow. ‘Some would think that might make matters worse.’
I fear I’m along the ‚some’! But then, the opinion Oropher needs a target makes sense. And maybe it truly helps them to adjust to the situation, so they can stop behaving as elflings ;-)

These reminiscences about their childhood reduce even intimidating elven Kings to common elves, don’t they? Somehow they appear more ‚human’, if one can use this term for elves.

It is sweet how the elflings try to help their elders to find peace! Really, I’ve enjoyed this chapter very much!

Author Reply: If you were at a safe distance, I think it would be rather amusing. I think Celeborn finds it entertaining - but then he is a skilled warrior of endless experience, who knows that, at a pinch, he can get Galadriel to comply with his wishes.

Oropher hasn't given enough time and thought to what return would be like, I think. Or maybe he thought about his son, but overlooked the political implications. Galadriel can cope with Oropher and provide him with some privacy - and she and Celeborn live the furthest west, where there are the fewest people to come and gawp at the returned king. A bit of elfling-like behaviour might do them good, too.

Childhood is pretty universal - and often provides incidents you really don't want revealed to all and sundry. I have found myself wondering about Oropher's parents. I'm sure they have a story or two! Which Oropher would much rather not hear. (And Galadriel will have returned to Aman to hear about the time when she ...... I suspect there have been times when she has sorely missed being the eldest of the Noldor in Arda, when nobody could bring up embarrassing elfling stories.)

The elflings have the best chance of arranging a truce. For one thing, they are too inexperienced to see the difficulties - and for another, their great grandparents are too fond of them to want to hurt them. Given a bit of time and forced friendliness, they might find that the things that have made them cross are actually not divisive.

Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed this.

natReviewed Chapter: 12 on 12/16/2005
great chapter! any chance we'll get an expansion on Galadriel and Celeborn's first meeting? hmmm? :)

Author Reply: Thank you! Galadriel and Celeborn haven't yet revealed much about their first meeting. But you never know! Sometimes the most unexpected thoughts start off a whole series of ideas. And, come to that, the most unexpected people decide to appear in the depths of the night, demanding their say.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 12 on 12/15/2005
What a pleasure to finally get to sit down and catch up on the fanfic and find this one waiting! And it has Oropher in it! ;)

Complications! But, some very interesting solutions. Laerwen's rather direct approach and such as going to Galadriel to hide away because she could block the energy or at least deter the curious with her reputation. Rather Luthien/simaril that. And the elflings are the perpetrators in much of it! Galadriel's reconciliation with Oropher reminded me of a tea ceremony and burying the hatchet. And there was that special mead... ;) What a wonderful conversation they had!

It was heart-rending for you to examine his loneliness without his mate. You did not completely rule out her return last episode, but here you imply that maybe she has not chosen to join him after all. And it was this that tipped the scales in his assessment of Galadriel. Love his realization about his mischevious reaction to her just to hear her squeal!

Poor Oropher having to reexamine his life like this instead of walking into bliss in the Blessed Realm. But, having family that does not give up on you is a reward of the best kind.

Ya know, you have this talent for creating a scene that is superbly entertaining and revealing without dictating a conclusion.
I really loved the little bits of business that you have have the elves distract themselves with, especially dropping the pebble and watching the ripples.

Actually, I loved every part of this episode, each encounter and conversation. The kids diagnosing their elders and being taught by them. Their elders learning from them. Just delightful. These elfings are wonderful children, not a brat amongst them. Why and how is that? Please don't answer that by showing me how wrong I am to say such a thing! Well, perhaps Oropher understands - they were all born in Aman.

Andatar and andaeradar must meet! Adar will be proven truly heroic, I think.

Author Reply: Thank you. I'm glad you were pleased to find it.

Laerwen is the only one here to understand the insecurities of returning to the business of life, because she's the only one who has been there and done it. She is very connected to the forest, too, and will have used that connection to ground herself in the now. Oropher would do well to learn from her, but he is a very different character.

There had to be some reason why Oropher had been take to visit Galadriel and Celeborn - and I think Galadriel would be better able than any other to ensure that others kept away and gave Oropher time to adjust. They live the furthest west, too, where the population is smallest. And the population that has gathered round them is mostly Galadhrim, who would be more inclined than Mirkwood elves to leave Oropher to have some privacy.

Galadriel would have been more than happy not to argue - although that wouldn't stop her getting her back up when Oropher persisted in treating her as if she was the enemy - but Oropher is really not yet recovered emotionally, whatever he might think. His love for Eleniel - and the simple inexperience of the elflings in general - is what made him able to decide to put his resentment aside and behave as if the past is past.

Oropher thinks that maybe his wife has chosen not to join him. I don't know that he is right - I think that his need is likely to draw her, insofar as returning is in the hands of those in the Halls. And if Oropher thinks that putting insects down Galadriel's back would make her squeal, he really doesn't understand her very well yet - and his respect for her might well grow as he learns the hidden hoyden behind the flawless image.

I don't think it would be bliss returning to life in the Blessed Realm. I reckon it would be very complex - with moment of intense joy to counter the problems. Maybe if all there had returned from the Halls, it would be different, but there are at least four types of elves all living cheek by jowl: elves from the journey, elves born and always living in Aman, those who have sailed and those who have returned from death. And, come to think of it, group 2 elves who went to fight in the War of Wrath. Then, as well, they divide up into all the different Houses and sub-Houses: Vanyar, Noldor, Teleri, Sindar, Lindar, Lasgalen, Lothlorien, Edhellond, Mithlond, Doriath, Gondolin. The place is a hotbed! With potential for all kinds of problems!

I'm glad you mentioned the pebbles!

Elflings need little guidance - I believe! These are impetuous, headstrong at times, dive into things they don't fully understand, but they are good-hearted kids with great parents and loving extended families. Aewlin and Nimloth were a little cut off from others by their closeness, but they are out-growing it and becoming the kind of kids you would expect of their parents' children. They make mistakes, but they aren't going to turn into monsters!

I hadn't thought before how the Taryatur and Legolas dislike must be affecting the children - but the atmosphere must have got through to observant elflings. Taryatur and Oropher. That could be an interesting meeting. Legolas might decide to run, though. It would be like being in the way of a volcano. And I've just had all sorts of interesting thoughts about them. Will it turn into more? Only time will tell!

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 12 on 12/15/2005
Sometimes you realy make me have to think who each child is referring to when they say 'adar, daeradar, andaeratar etc'... good mind twisting puzzle for my brain to work out, actually.

I am glad that Oropher and Galadriel have established some sort of peace, and it is very fitting that it is their greatgrandchildren, born in the blessed realm, that have shown them this. There is no need for the distrust of the past anymore.

Although I'm sure, for old time's sake, they will occaisonally remember such events!

Author Reply: It is rather mind-numbing when they are all together. Most of the episodes break them up into smaller groups now, but I quite agree the general relationship terms can get muddling. It's like when you are in a shopping mall and a kid cries 'Mom' and half the people turn round. But what else can they call them?

Thranduil and Galadriel enjoy arguing with each other - and I think the elflings have realised that there isn't any vindictiveness behind their squabbles - it's just how they are. Even Celeborn only casts up his eyes and ignores them. But Oropher hadn't had the chance to move on - and his hostility was meant. But the elflings managed to make a crack in the attitude - and they will do things for their great grandchildren that they wouldn't do for themselves. They can take the time to move beyond the past.

Of course, giggling over the past is highly amusing. And, if Mrs Oropher turns up, he might learn that things weren't always the way he thought they were anyway!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 12 on 12/15/2005
One the problems of living as long as elves is that the weight of history builds up. But the young ones see no reason the older ones can't be friends. After all, they love them all!

The elflings are developing nicely.

Author Reply: And elven memory must make it hard to let go of all those little niggles that you remember so clearly from 6000 years ago. Even if returning from Namo's Halls meant that elves managed to dispose of old resentments (and I think Oropher might hang on to them most tenaciously) those who sailed west would still have all the baggage of their experience.

It is hard for the young 'uns, though. Especially when the hostility is close to them - like Galenthil and Eleniel's grandparents/adar and its knock-on effect on Elerrina. At least Oropher and Galadriel wouldn't have to see each other much. It might well be seeing the effect of their snarking on the elflings that impelled them to grow up a little - and behave.

The elflings are ... elflings. They make mistakes and are sometimes over-confident or headstrong, but they learn quickly - and have good families who guide them wisely. Most of the time.

Bon voyage!

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