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Elflings   by Bodkin 7 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/23/2006
Am looking so forward to reading this one. How I've missed it I have no idea, but the children as they come are so wonderful.

My older brother decided he wanted a baby sister; and when I was born was very upset to find I wasn't likely to go out and play with him for quite some time. Rather disillusioned him, it did.

Lovely, lovely birthings here; and wonderful to see how Legolas and the others come to accept the newborns readily as the second two follow the first one.

I like Elrin very much.

Author Reply: When I was posting the last chapter, I noticed that the last one was last December! Where does the time go?

Parents so rarely think to point out to kids that baby brothers and sisters come pretty small and helpless. And that you don't generally want older siblings to treat them like dolls.

E2L are ready for parenthood, I think. An adventure to replace orc-slaying.

And Elrin is a star. A typical oldest child of a group. Very responsible - but sweet and hard-working and genuine.

fael bainReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/19/2004
A sweet story, but VERY confusing. There are so many new names and you could do well to clarify the relationships between your OCs and Tolkien's characters. Using descriptors like 'aunt' and 'her friend' just serve to befuddle the reader further.
Keep up the good work, though!

Author Reply: Good point. This started off as a sideshoot of Reflections from the Paradise of Elves - (as several of my stories did) - where most of these characters, if not all, crept in gradually - so, read in conjunction with that it would make sense. I'll add a prologue that lists who is attached to whom.

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/13/2004
I have to agree with Legolas here - there is absolutely nothing on earth more wearing than the manipulations of an elleth or the bull-headed rush of an ellon towards adventure...(one daughter, two sons...four going on five grandbabes).

I saw this new posting this morning - and thought "Elflings !!!!" (actually shrieked might be more appropriate than thought!) I will never be able to resist such a title! LOL Now we get the "bird's eye-view" of the reactions to the arrival of these little ones, and they are priceless indeed! I am so glad to see you continuing with these stories about these families (they are my absolute favorite characters, and you write them so well!!) Thank you for sharing!


Author Reply: Thank you for reading! It must be quite tough on elves to have babies - they can't be that accustomed to the manipulations of killer squirrels! After all, even with fifty years or so of elflinghood, it's a blink in the life of an elf.

This bit was written some time ago - but I've a feeling that there are a few more to come. I didn't want them all to go up separately, so will be mashing them into a series of stories under the one heading.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/12/2004
I know I've read at least parts of this before, Bodkin, but I enjoyed it nonethless. For one thing, I think I have the wives sorted out better now. That took me a while. Lots of adventures ahead for these families!

Author Reply: This bit is unchanged - it's just been hanging around for a long time waiting for me to stop playing with other things and finish other episodes. Two and three are dangling - but four just insisted. I think it started silly enough to keep me going on it.

It took me long enough to remember the wives' names - especially Sirithiel, for some reason. I think she's just quieter. And as for the elflings! I've now decided that I really shouldn't have called Nimloth, Nimloth - but it's too much of a palaver to sneak back and change it - and anyway, it's her name now.

I think there is a fair amount of potential for adventure!

JuleReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/7/2004
Another adorable chapter. I loved the adults reactions to the new elflings contrasted with Elrin's. I'm sure he'll like them better as soon as they are big enough to find trouble with him.

I loved the he was only gone 10 minutes line. No matter what sex or race 10 minutes is plenty of time for adventure and mischief.

The funniest line was when Miriwen said Legolas had warned Ellerina's naneth in front of witnesses so they were not responsible for the trouble the elflings would cause. Elrohir might call it pessimistic but I'm sure the rest of them would call it realistic.

I can't wait for the next part.

Thanks for writing,

Author Reply: Thank you.

Little children are nearly always disappointed with babies - they can't do much except yell and make smells! Ten minutes is plenty of time for kids to create havoc - and the kind of ten minutes when women are admiring little babies can be very elastic!

I think ensuring that Elerrina's naneth knew she had been warned was probably a very good idea. It's easy to forget just how much trouble three little ones can be.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/3/2004
It's good to have this opportunity to meet the elflings themselves again, especially the latest arrivals. The comments on how the parents tell their twins apart are interesting - I plan for Elrond and Celebrian to have a few problems there!


Author Reply: Parents seem to sort twins out quite quickly - and, actually, so do kids - perhaps they look at more than faces. It's other adults who seem to find it hardest. . . . Celeborn and Galadriel - that could be fun!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/3/2004
All I can say is that when these three visit one another, it will be as busy as a beehive. I think I might have to decline to go to their family gatherings for a while.

Author Reply: Yes, good plan. Unless the kids are palmed off on willing grandparents or some of the many staff who must litter their houses!

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