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Beyond Imagination  by annmarwalk 6 Review(s)
Daffy MaidenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/23/2005
Man, I've read most of your stuff without reviewing! How rude!! XD But I've loved it all. Especially this one. Now, to reread/review some more...

Author Reply: Thank you for dropping by, and the reviews! I always enjoy meeting new folks. Please keep reading!

flickReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/19/2004
A beautiful drabble. I loved the image of the owl's wing -- just seems to cry out to be made into a poem (not that the drabble wasn't complete in itself, I'd just love to see that image extended).

LindorienReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/17/2004
this one is really so so nice. You could put up the second one. I'll take a look at it later. Or do you want to put them in order. If so, send along and I'll take a look. You've got a real knack for drabbling, Ann! hugs lindorien

maya_arReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/17/2004
Very sweet moment. You have a knack for these little "family" scenes.


Blue IrisReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/17/2004

Welcome to SOA! It is so good to see you posting here. I am loving your drabbles on HASA and am so happy that you are bringing them out to a wider readership. I look forward ot reading and reviewing more; especially from someone who is kind to my steward (grins)

B. Iris.

Author Reply: Hello Blue Iris:
Thank you for the kind words! Lindorien encouraged me to come on over.
This piece will actually be part of a series of 3 or 4 drabbles about our steward's early family life, dealing mainly with his firstborn (I haven't the skill yet to get into his issues with his secondborn!)

Again, many thanks.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/17/2004
This is lovely. That moment when you feel the child move is amazing.

Author Reply: Thank you very much for your kind words. Yes, that is a very special moment for both mother and father.


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