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Ashes and The Flame  by Ariel 14 Review(s)
LOTR FanReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/21/2007
Wow I really enjoyed it, it was great! i must read more! :D


InklingReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/24/2005
Iíve had this story bookmarked for ages and the MEFAs have finally given me that extra little nudge I needed to read it. And Iím so glad I did!

I think this is possibly the most poetic and beautifully written of your stories that Iíve yet had the pleasure of reading. So many lovely lines, like this one:

Moonlight picked gossamer highlights from her profile and glistened like whispered secrets in the folds of her dark hair.

And Iím thrilled that youíve given dear Frodo a sonÖhe so deserves it! (Oh, do I have I fic that I think youíll likeÖif I ever finish it!) Now Iím going to have to look up your first storyÖ

I will try to write something more intelligent in my MEFA review! :D

Author Reply: Oh, I DO think I'll like it, if that is what it is about!

I'm definitely a canon fan, but have a soft spot for anyone who wants to give Frodo a lady love of his very own. I've loved your handling of the subject of his 'first love' and would be VERY interested in how you handle a more serious relationship for him. Oh, I do hope you finish it!

rsReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/31/2005
I am so happy to have found this story..BEAUTIFUL!!! Aragorn's sorrow for Frodo and love for Arwen is so easily conveyed in this fic. JUST LOVELY!!!. There's is nothing left to say but WOW!!

Author Reply:
*Blush* Just when I think folks aren't reading fanfic anymore, I get lovely, encouraging messages like this one! Thank you, RS! This is one of my favorite pieces too and I am delighted to be able to share it with you.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 4/29/2005
This is another I read on FFN. It is part of the inspiration for the story I'm writing now, although it will be a time before I post it, if I do. Still thinking on this nuzgul.

Author Reply:

*Bows, blushing furiously*

I can see my own work being most definitely influenced by yours as well. Thank you so much for them. I am enjoying the King's Commission greatly!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/20/2005
Ah, yes, another delicately crafted work.

You and I are mortal after all. Does not the short span of our years make each of them more precious? Does not the knowledge that we have but a little time make our fires burn more intensely while they do?

I know I return to this theme time and again.

I meant to start re-reading "Fear" tonight but I'm weary and chose two one-chapter stories instead. Thanks for the good read.

Author Reply: Yes, that and the desire for children are two themes I return to time and again myself. Poor Nilmandra, who had to beta this for me, gave me quite a grilling for making the assumption that my readers would understand that point, but I hope this version of the story makes it clear to both those who have (or want) children and those who don't.

Well, Fear is a big thing and all it has is OCs and Frodo (OH! And Bilbo, too!). I warn folks about that in case they are looking for other characters. I just didn't see the point of putting in a bunch of known characters as plants just for name recognition. Bilbo was plausible. Even Saradoc was wormed in there, I think believably, but other than that, it's just my creations. For a lot of the fanfic reading public it just isn't going to be an interesting story. Please don't feel yourself forced to read it. If it catches your interest, then great, but if it doesn't please don't feel obligated to read it. I do this for entertainment value and receive the same pay whether my fics get read or not.

If you are looking for short, and known characters, I have a very nice Bilbo and Frodo piece called 'Passing Regrets' you might like. Budgie says she adored it, so perhaps it would be enjoyable for you as well. It also has the very decided benefit of being short. LOL!

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/6/2004
I really like how this turned out, Ariel. I expected Aragorn to come across well, and his memories of his dear friend and you did not disappoint with either. What really struck me was the you portrayed Arwen. She is wise and full of knowledge that Aragorn can only begin to understand, ethereal and beautiful. And how dearly Aragorn loves her shines through. Thank you!

Author Reply:

And without your help, it wouldn't have been anywhere near as good. I have always enjoyed working with you, Nilmandra. You take care and are thourough. You don't beat around the bush and you let me know in no uncertain terms where I have failed to communicate. That is an invaluable service and I appreciate you giving me the benefit of your services. The stories come out infinitely better for it.

I also appreciate the fact that you spend the time to help someone whose focus is so myopically hobbits. *blush* I really do need to get out more.


pipspebbleReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/6/2004
This was absolutely gorgeous. I love the tenderness you've written into Aragorn's love for his lady, and angst for his absent friend, the guilt that plagued him for so long. I could very easily picture the whole scene in my head. Thank you for that lovely, lovely story!

Author Reply:

And thank YOU for writing such lovely commentary! I have the benefit of having seen these scenes in my head for a very long time. They are quite established in my mind so were very easy to write. I am glad they came through clearly to you!

LindorienReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/4/2004
This is amazing. You know, your writing is changing. I enjoyed this. Wonderful insights, real emotions. Excellent. Lindorien

Author Reply:

LOL! Well, with people actually paying attention to it, I do feel the need to straighten the tablecloth and put out the good china. I am delighted you have seen improvement. I will endeavor to keep on that path.

FantasyFanReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/4/2004
This is a lovely fic, and goes well with your other story. I love the poignancy of Aragorn's grief for his friend.

I too have thought it a shame that Frodo and Bilbo leave no progeny. More than that, when Frodo leaves the Shire (and Angelica Baggins marries), there will be no Bagginses left at all, if you assume that the geneological tables in the Appendices are complete. Of course, there may be children who are not listed on them, but I think it may have been deliberate on Tolkien's part to let the entire line die out.

Author Reply:

Unfortunately, I believe you are right. Have the teachings carried on by those not related by blood. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? It also echoes the sadness of the Eldar leaving too. The magic fading from the world, and Frodo and Bilbo also being only memories that those with faith believe in.


Good thing there's fanfic!


NivinaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/4/2004
What a sweet, sad, and yet so wonderful story. It had me in tears, and I love the way you wrote Aragorn's pain and feelings of guilt; and the part where Aragorn meets Elan.

I espeacially loved those fragments:

Grown past the weary lives of men, you were only with us by the power of love.

You looked well, though the transparency lingered and you seemed one illuminated from within by a sad and gentle light.

That made me see Frodo so clearly before my own eyes.

*sniffles, and thanks you for such a gem* :)

Author Reply:

Awww! You are always welcome, my dear! At least I presume the tears are a good thing? *wink* I always meant to write this one but never seemed to find the time. I am pleased that when I did it pleased you too. (((HUGS))

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