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A Merry Meeting  by Citrine 8 Review(s)
Cat-chanReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 11/30/2004
*Trying to avoid laughing, as she's in the libray* OH! Legolas the Large Hobbit! *Burries her face in her hands and bites her htounge* What an amusing story! Well done!

WoptReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 11/28/2004
This is one of the cutest stories I hav ever read! Especially the line "Is it a peculiarity of Rivendell's climate that it rains hobbits indoors?" Its absolutely adorable and going in my favorites
thanks for making my day

GalimerilReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 11/24/2004
Wonderful! I enjoyed this piece! I'm sick of reading the dark tales of the Cold war and Watergate and WWI and WWII. This just made my day! You go Citrine!
Galimeril ;D

docmonReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 11/24/2004
What an endearing story! I really enjoyed the meeting of the elf and these two hobbits. It seemed entirely natural on all parts. Poor Merry - he won't ever live it down, cuz of course Pippin will make sure Sam and Frodo know about it. ;-) Raining Hobbits, indeed. "Are you sure you're not some kind of great, big hobbit?" LOL Wonderful lines from all of them.

As you asked, I thought I'd point out one little typo: just a word missing, actually. In the sentence ending with "...for real this time, or if would simply land on his head and be done." It seems you wanted to say "or if HE would simply land..." Since you asked, I thought I'd oblige.

well done!

Author Reply: Found and fixed! Thanks for the review:o)

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 11/24/2004
Ah, good, I see somebody's "spilled the bucket" and the reviews are pouring in. I love this story! Raining hobbits in Rivendell...

KarriReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 11/24/2004
A very entertaining first encounter. I enjoyed it enormously. :-)

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 11/23/2004
*gasp* *chokes on a giggle* I LOVE this story! Raining hobbits in Rivendell? Great big elf-hobbits? Marching armies of hobbits against defenseless pantries? *grin...very BIG grin* How funny! Budgie must love this particular band-aid! :-)

You had me from the start when Merry and Pip, feeling rather small and "rustic" left looking or company or trouble! Of course, with Pippin around getting his Tookish looks (I know I'd run at the sight of one of those!), there's bound to be interesting developments!

*sigh* You know, some of the best stories I've read are ones exploring the friendship between Legolas and the hobbits. This one is no exception! A very LARGE WELL-DONE!


sheraiahReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 11/23/2004
What an endearing tale! I do love pre-quest stories like this. Little glimpses into the parts of the story that the Professor left out, as it were. I'd love to see this continued.

Author Reply: I hesitate to make any promises, but you may possibly get your wish, sort of...there's this really big plotbunny scratching at the door...

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