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Dreamflower's Mathoms I  by Dreamflower 11 Review(s)
Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 87 on 10/26/2011
What a lovely AU!! I adore this idea! The songs are wonderful, too =)


Author Reply: It's always fun to play in my Eucatastrophe Universe! And I love to write Yule songs for the hobbits!

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 87 on 10/7/2009
Forgot all the extra jollity and the return of Celebrian to M-e etc., I'm still grinning like an idiot over the image of Faramir with the little hobbit snuggled in his arm.

Author Reply: Faramir with a little hobbit? Yes, that was a lot of fun-- and I have a feeling he and Eowyn were only half-joking about keeping her, LOL!

nancylea57Reviewed Chapter: 87 on 12/10/2008
irreverent thought: if we looked into the history of great generals how many of them would be in charge of the kids tables?

Author Reply: *snerk* I never thought of it that way!

Queen GaladrielReviewed Chapter: 87 on 4/10/2006
Oh, how lovely to see everyone celebrating Yule so happily together! Nice to see the lovely carols again as well. And I love the exchange between Faramir, Eowyn and the Hobbits over the children! Pet--that's a sweet nickname for "Petunia." Now I finally get to read the latest in this series!
God bless,

Author Reply: Yes, I had good fun with this one--it is nice to see everyone together, and happy, and everyone together with those they love.

I've got anoter bit of this universe percolating along, but it's very different, and I shan't be able to post it here, as it will be a cross-over...

InklingReviewed Chapter: 87 on 1/20/2006
How nice to find another installment in this series, which always leaves me feeling, “Ah, if it could only have been like this!” I like the continuity with the earlier parts, as Elrond and Celebrian finally return and Frodo finally consents to make the long-deferred journey to visit Aragorn and Arwen. It hadn't occurred to me before that his reluctance might be due to a fear of dredging up old memories...

So, will there be more?

Author Reply: I love my Eucatastrophe-verse, and it very well may make a new appearance soon. If it does, it will make it's appearance as a bunny-chase over on my LiveJournal.

GryffinjackReviewed Chapter: 87 on 1/12/2006
I know I reviewed at Marigold's Challenge site, but I wanted to review here as well.

If only this were the way things actually happened! How I wish Frodo had been able to stay and enjoy life with the others. They really all seem like one big, happy family. The love and bond between all of them is very palpable.

Your Legolas is wonderful the way he is concerned that they might be too cold. Lessons learnt from Cahadhras, eh?

"“Here, cousin!” called Pippin, from near the fireplace, where he was using a hot poker to mull wine. “Merry!” he shouted, “grab Fam!” for little Faramir Took, who was well into faunthood had started to toddle over to the hearth, his tiny hands outstretched.

Merry moved quickly. “No! Fam, you mustn’t go near the fire. Come with Uncle Merry!” He jiggled the child and swung him high overhead, gaining ear-splitting squeals of laughter.

Pippin heaved a deep breath of relief ...“I think that child is going to be the death of me,” he sighed. “He doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word ‘no’ when it comes to danger.” Then at the outburst of laughter that greeted these words he glared around at the others. “What?” he said crossly.

Frodo chuckled again. “Let’s just say that you are getting a taste of what it was like to watch *you* as a faunt.”

“I *can’t* have been all that bad!”

Merry and Frodo caught one another’s eye, and burst out with a guffaw."

Pippin walked right into that one! Faramir will make sure Pippin knows the *ahem* joys of raising a Took. I always like it when you have Frodo laughing after the Quest, even though this time it is in an AU. As for Pippin, I am sure that he was probably always sensitive to the dangers of a child or someone being burnt from going too close to roaring fire. That is probably a nightmare that both he and Faramir (Boromir's brother, not Pippin's son) unfortunately have in common.

I really enjoyed reading this.

Author Reply: I know that this is what many of us wish: a happily ever after, rather than a slow and painful fading for our beloved Middle-earth and those equally beloved characters who populate it. JRRT was wise, in that he knew how all would likely end--but some of us can't help but play with the idea that it could have been otherwise.

They *do* all love each other very much--an extended family, a very hobbity extended family, even though many of its members are not hobbits.

Yes, Legolas knows a bit more about mortals than he did a few years earlier, and is not likely to make the same mistake again, LOL!

He *did* walk into it, didn't he? *grin* I think he does that on purpose sometimes, though in this case, I think he was a bit flustered by his son.

I am quite sure he was wary of fire, as you say. And you are probably quite right about him and Faramir!

I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to come over here as well, thank you, dear!

KittyReviewed Chapter: 87 on 1/10/2006
Ah yes! That’s something I can never get enough of: A happy, healed Frodo who remains in ME! And I love particularly the idea of the elves coming back from Valinor. I’d not mind if you’d write more of it!

Little Fam is very obviously the son of his father. Now our dear Pippin gets a taste what it was like for his family to keep him away from mischief and harm! *grin*

And Bilbo was still alive when Elrond and Celebrían returned? Passing the Old Took was seemingly not enough – maybe he aims now for 150? I doubt any hobbit will *ever* be able to beat this age! It’s surely very comforting for Frodo to hear about his beloved uncle.

So Galadriel’s daughter is born? You know, I can see their visit in Lothlórien on the way back to the Shire. Celeborn and Galadriel smothered with all the hobbit children and the adult hobbits fussing over little Indis! Nice image.

That was a lovely, cozy Yule, and even more wonderful because all the friends were together!

Author Reply: Well, I figured why not go for it. The Elves being allowed to return was a reward of the Valar for the Bearers of the Three breaking free of Saruman's lie at the last minute. And I can't get enough of a happy Frodo either.

Fam is going to keep Pippin on his toes, that's for sure.

As for Bilbo, clearly the air on the Blessed Isle agrees with him. I just didn't want Celebrian and Elrond to return with the news that he had already died--that would have put a damper on things.

That is a very nice image...

There is nothing like good friends reuniting to give a lovely cozy feeling.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 87 on 1/10/2006
Ah, an AU where Frodo stays and is healed. Nice.

Author Reply: Yes, for I think that if the Three had not lost, but gained in power, and if Saruman had not been able to spread his poison over the Shire, then it is possible that Frodo's healing might have been accomplished. And the Elves' being able to come and go from the West--well, that was just a bonus!

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 87 on 1/9/2006
It's just lovely to have a situation where all and sundry can get together again and be happy.

Can Eucatastrophe universe avoid the death of Arwen, too? (Hopeful puppy look.) And preserve Aragorn with his elven family? Or perhaps its powers aren't quite that great.

They are all certainly having a happy Yule celebration anyway.

Author Reply: Yes, it's nice that they don't all have to be seperated for millenia.

I've not thought that far ahead, so I don't know about that part. I'd have to find a justification for it. But I don't think the seperation would be so dire in this universe, anyway.

They are. A happy Yule is just what they all need!

Baggins BabeReviewed Chapter: 87 on 1/9/2006
Ah, this was lovely! Delightful to see all the happy hobbits, including Frodo, and how delightful to see the King and Queen and all the friends in Minas Anor. I'm all warm and fuzzy now. And how cute that Faramir is seen as a hobbit hot-water bottle!

Author Reply: Yes, it is lovely to see a happy Frodo, as you well know, my dear!

I'm so glad you are warm and fuzzy--it's a nice state of being!

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